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2016 War Blogle Pick ’em Week 14 & Final Results

Congrats to tgr93 for taking Week 14 (the final week) of the 2016 War Blogle Pick ’em and winning a War Blogle sticker and button. Want any of that? Send me $3 and your address.

If you’re like me and don’t see your name, go check out the scoresheet (select Week 14).


And with that, we have concluded the regular season for college football and the pick ’em. Yes, I know Army-Navy is this weekend, but we aren’t doing a one game pick’em.

With that, we have our full season winner. Congrats to Navy1074, who did not win a single week in the season, but showed that consistency is the key. Wait, their name is Navy and I just mentioned Army-Navy. Time is a flat circle, man.

Navy1074 has won an Auburn Hover Helmet. I have one in the manroom and it’s awesome. It really freaks people out. It also scares you when the power goes out.

If you’re like me and don’t see your name (I finished 173rd), go check out the overall scoresheet.


Thanks to everyone of you that played. It was a great turnout. If you’re upset about your results, the Bowl Pick ’em will be up soon. Then we’ll do the March Madness one after that. Always a contest on the ‘Blogle. For more contests, follow me on Instagram.

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