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Week 11 Predictions

Auburn, the city, is crazy right now. These are gonna have to be quick. Oh, 9-0 last week by the way.

This Week: 7-1
Last Week: 9-0
Overall: 72-21 (77.4%)


Vanderbilt at Kentucky – In what is usually the battle of the doormats, Kentucky, who has been a little better this year, should drum the Commodores.

Kentucky 34, Vanderbilt 10

Kentucky 38, Vanderbilt 20SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Tennessee – Who in the world every thought it would be a good idea for this game to be on CBS? Ole Miss is bad, but Tennessee is worse, but the Vols did beat their creampuff a little easier than the Rebels did last week. Plus, this one’s in Knoxville.

Tennessee 28, Ole Miss 17

Tennessee 52, Ole Miss 14 SUCCESS!

UTEP at Arkansas – Zzzzzz…

Arkansas 41, UTEP 17

Arkansas 58, UTEP 21SUCCESS!

UL-Monroe at LSU – <insert grass-eating joke here>

LSU 42, UL-Monroe 3

LSU 51, UL-Monroe 0 SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Alabama – What are the odds the Alabama fans stand up and applaud Dan Mullen when his name is announced tomorrow? What are the odds the Alabama that half the fanbase still thinks there is a way for them to get to the BCS Championship game?

Mississippi State isn’t 7-2 good. They have one good win over a mediocre Florida team that was playing their worst of the season. Alabama will take their revenge for being relegated to the Outback Bowl out on the Bullpups.

Alabama 28, Mississippi State 17

Alabama 30, Mississippi State 10 SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Florida – The Championship of the East won’t even be close. South Carolina is playing poorly and the Gators are playing better. Gators win.

Florida 38, South Carolina 20

South Carolina 36, Florida 14FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Oregon at Cal – Cal is 5-4, but most members of the media are saying that this could be a tough game for Oregon. Do you see what they are doing? They are setting this up as a test for the Ducks, and when Oregon murders the Bears, they can talk about how this was such an impressive win. Whatever.

Oregon 52, Cal 20

Oregon 15, Cal 13SUCCESS!

Penn State at Ohio State – The fact that this game is posted here shows you how bad the rest of the college football slate is for this weekend. Wake me up when this one is over. Actually, you know what, don’t.

Ohio State 24, Penn State 10

Ohio State 38, Penn State 14 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction

UT-Chattanooga at Auburn – The turnout was low by the twit-fam this week. That’s ok, I know you had other things on your mind. I did have a 700-point win sent to me by one follower. They said it was based on rage. I’ll take it, but sorry, it couldn’t be factored in to the prediction. Here’s the average:

Auburn 43, Georgia 23

Auburn 49, Georgia 31 SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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