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Week 15 Predictions: Championship Week

The regular season for real conferences is over. It’s Championship Week. However, just to keep from only picking four games, I’ll add in some games from those wimpy conferences that don’t play conference championship games.

Right now my predictions are hitting at a 82.5% click. There will be no more pick ’em games because I won last week and I would like to go out with a bang. No, but really. There just aren’t enough games this week to have one. Saved the best for last though. Oh, and because EA Sports incorrectly picked the matchups for all conference championship games, I’ve put them to rest for the season as well.

This Week: 4-3 (57.1%)
Last Week: 10-3 (76.9%), ATS at 7-5 (58.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 6-7 (46.2%)

Overall: 145-33 (81.4%), ATS at 70-70 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 116-55 (67.8%)


Louisville at Cincinnati – Tommy Tuberville spent his bye week in Auburn. I’m not sure how the Bearcats felt about that. They are 9-2 with a chance to take down Louisville and wrap up 2nd in the AAC. But let’s be real, Tommy took the job up there just to keep from getting bored and fat at home. They’ll lose to a better Louisville and he’ll hunt until the bowl game. RITE?!

Louisville 31, Cincinnati 17

Louisville 31, Cincinnati 24SUCCESS!


Oklahoma at Oklahoma State – If the Cowboys had not lost at West Virginia early in the season, they would probably be ranked #2 in the BCS right now. Welp, they’re not, but they’ll beat Oklahoma badly and put them firmly in the BCS talk for the final weekend of the regular season.

Oklahoma State 38, Oklahoma 14

Oklahoma 33, Oklahoma State 24FAILURE

Texas at Baylor – Remember when Baylor was a favorite for the BCS Championship game? All it was going to take was an Alabama loss and the Bears would jump Ohio State. Well, they were blown out by Oklahoma State and beat a very mediocre TCU by 3 last week. Texas will beat them this week.

Texas 34, Baylor 27

Baylor 30, Texas 10 FAILURE

Stanford vs. Arizona State (Pac-12 Championship) – One of those guys on tv told me the other day that the Pac-12 is the best conference in America. I guess when they all beat each other it’s just a sign of a strong conference, but when the SEC does it, it’s a down year. Let’s see, in their championship game, we have Stanford and Arizona State. This should be their two best teams, right?

Well, Stanford lost to 7-loss Utah and 4-loss USC. Arizona State lost to Notre Dame, already lost to Stanford, and was given a win against Wisconsin with one of the worst calls you’ll ever see. They just blew out 5-loss Arizona who beat the perceived king of the Pac-12 Oregon by 26. That sure is a lot of losses to teams with a lot of losses.

Arizona State 31, Stanford 24

Stanford 38, Arizona State 14 FAILURE

Duke vs. Florida State (ACC Championship) – Jameis Winston will play. Florida State will win by 50, completing their murderer’s row of an ACC schedule. Sit down after this one, ‘Noles. You’ve earned a rest. Don’t know how you did it.

Florida State 49, Duke 20

Florida State 45, Duke 7 SUCCESS!

Ohio State at Michigan State (Big 10 Championship) – Michigan State is the highest ranked team Ohio State has played in two seasons. They are ranked #10, but it’s really only by default. As bad as Ohio State’s schedule has been, Michigan State’s is the same. The only difference is that they lost to Notre Dame. They do have an excellent defense (playing against Big 10 teams), but will that be enough to beat Ohio State?

If 5-loss Michigan can take Ohio State till the final seconds, Michigan State should be able to do it. With the way things have lined up for a certain team I follow so far, it seems to be in the stars. Don’t argue with the stars. Ohio State goes down. Finally.

Michigan State 28, Ohio State 27

Michigan State 34, Ohio State 24 SUCCESS!

Missouri vs. Auburn (SEC Championship) – EA Sports picked the SEC Championship Game to consist of Alabama and South Carolina. Auburn and Missouri were 6th in their respective divisions. Stupid computers. I’ll pick the game in tomorrow’s preview, so be sure to check back.

Auburn 43, Missouri 24

Auburn 59, Missouri 42 SUCCESS!

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AuburnHockey98 12/05/2013 at 6:15 pm

Not to be Anti-SEC but you forgot the Mountain West Championship Game.

AuburnHockey98 12/05/2013 at 6:17 pm

C-USA and MAC also.


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