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Week 5 Predictions: No Auburn Means No Pressure

There’s something about Auburn having a bye week that makes these predictions much easier. Like Saturday, there is no pressure. But wait, I went 9-3 two weeks ago and 10-2 last week. I have to keep this going. I can not let up. I must continue this success. Dude, I’ve correctly picked the upset special two weeks in a row, too?! It’s tough being right all the time. It’s not as easy as you’d think. So. Much. Pressure.

Last Week: 10-2
This Week: 7-1

Overall: 44-12 (78.6%)


Missouri at UCF – When Missouri joined the SEC, I was against it. Then for some reason I switched and thought that they may actually do okay. Now I’m back to thinking they don’t fit in. It’s taken South Carolina almost 20 years to become a regular player in the SEC, and I feel like it will take twice as long for Missouri. They still aren’t a part of the league to me, and until they change their uniform font, they never will be.

They better beat UCF, though. They are semi-representing the family.

Missouri 31, UCF 21

Missouri 21, UCF 16SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Texas A&M – Last year, Texas A&M jumped up on Arkansas in Jerry World before pulling a Texas A&M and collapsing in the 2nd half. That won’t happen again. The Aggies will take out their frustration from last year on the hapless Hawgs.

Texas A&M 38, Arkansas 17

Texas A&M 58, Arkansas 10 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Georgia – The loss to Florida seems to have killed the Vols’ hopes of returning to glory this season. Georgia, riding a wave of wins over pushovers is playing with tons of confidence. In what people want to be a good game, the Bulldogs will roll over the ‘teers (Copyright 2012), and send Dooley to hot seat level: SCORCH.

Georgia 31, Tennessee 14

Georgia 51, Tennessee 44SUCCESS!

Towson at LSU – Seriously?

LSU 45, Towson 0

LSU 38, Towson 22SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Kentucky – Kentucky is almost as bad as Ole Miss was last year, and that’s hard to do. The Joker Phillips Farewell Tour continues with a big home loss to the (somehow ranked #6 in the nation) Gamecocks. Really though, how bad is football this year if South Carolina, who struggled to beat Vanderbilt, is the 6th best team in the nation?

South Carolina 38, Kentucky 10

South Carolina 38, Kentucky 17SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Alabama – I’ve talked to some Alabama fans that are scared of this game (I wasn’t talking to them on purpose, and I bathed right after). Does that mean they think Ole Miss could beat an all-star team of all-time NFL greats? Surely not.

Auburn/Alabama stuff aside, though, how can we still put much stock into what Alabama has done with the schedule they’ve played so far. Remember when LSU was the obvious #2 team in the nation? College football is not a known, exact science, yet so many people continue to treat it as so. Yes, Alabama is very good, but why do we even play the season out if they are obviously the #1 team… again, after playing that schedule?

Alabama 34, Ole Miss 13

Alabama 33, Ole Miss 14SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Baylor at West Virginia – If you had forgotten, these two teams are somehow in the same conference now. West Virginia has a Big 12 offense so they’ll fit right in. Baylor doesn’t have RG-III, but has somehow gotten into the Top-25 with a 3-0 record over LA-Monroe and some creampuffs. There will be lots of points but the ‘eers will score more.

West Virginia 45, Baylor 35

West Virginia 70, Baylor 63SUCCESS!

Ohio State at Michigan State – I’ve found that most of the “Other Games of Note” usually include a Big 10 game. I have no idea why. It’s not good football, but I guess it’s just names you’ve heard of. I was high on Michigan State until they laid an egg against Notre Dame. Ohio State has squeaked by against some lowly opponents. I’m going with the Spartans at home.

Michigan State 20, Ohio State 17

Ohio State 17, Michigan State 16FAILURE

**Upset Alert**

Texas at Oklahoma State – I don’t remember ever getting an “Upset Alert” right, but as I said in the intro, I’ve gotten two in a row. I think Texas is probably a tad overrated, and Oklahoma State still has a high scoring offense that can beat overrated teams. It will happen, and then my ego, after picking three straight upsets, will force me to move to Vegas.

Oklahoma State 34, Texas 27

Texas 41, Oklahoma State 36FAILURE

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SMDAU 09/28/2012 at 12:07 pm

No prediction on the Bammer game? Or do the Rebel Black Bears suck too much to even bother posting a prediction?


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