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Week 14 Predictions: Rivalry Week

Well I had my worst week by far last week as Auburn had one of their best, and they didn’t play a game. I wish I didn’t pick the games. It was rough. But it’s rivalry week, so this should be easy. Wait, no it won’t at all.

Right now my predictions are hitting at a 82.9% click. If you would like to prove your worth with your picks and try to do better than my 49.2% accuracy against the spread, you can do so here. Make sure to do it today, there are two games on the slate tonight.

This Week: 10-3 (76.9%), ATS at 7-5 (58.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 6-7 (46.2%)

Last Week
: 7-6 (53.8%), ATS at 7-5 (58.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 10-3 (76.9%)

Overall: 141-30 (82.5%), ATS at 70-70 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 116-55 (67.8%)


Ole Miss (-4.5) at Mississippi State – The Maroons are wearing some atrocious gold-riddled uniforms in this year’s Egg Bowl. That’s so Mississippi State. The home field advantage (is there one?) is the only reason this line is respectable. Ole Miss will win by a good margin.

EA: Ole Miss 35, Mississippi State 28 – FAILURE
WB: Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 14 – FAILURE

Mississippi State 17, Ole Miss 10


Arkansas at LSU (-24.5) – LSU showed that they have a great answer for Johnny Manziel. Given that if you add all of the talent on Arkansas’s sideline and it wouldn’t reach half of Johnny’s, this one is going to be a bloodbath. The only thing the Tigers have to worry about is apathy, but the Hawgs are pretty apathetic as well. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Arkansas 41, LSU 24 – FAILURE
WB: LSU 45, Arkansas 10 – SUCCESS!

LSU 31, Arkansas 27


Florida State (-27) at Florida – I called the struggle but not the score for the Gators last week. That was bad. If Florida State wins by 50, Muschamp has to be gone. I partly think Winston’s mind might be on other things which could cause his performance to dip, but most times in these situations, players like him play better. It won’t be a 50 point win, but it will be a win for Florida State, continuing their joke of a schedule. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Florida 31, Florida State 24 OT – FAILURE
WB: Florida State 41, Florida 17 – SUCCESS!

Florida State 37, Florida 7

Wake Forest at Vanderbilt (-14.5) – This is the final year of this storied rivalry. Did you even know they’ve played 5 times in the last 6 years? Probably not, but expansion and the weird scheduling has seemingly ended this battle of gold and black nerds. Vandy will win the last one and get their 8th win of the year. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Wake Forest 38, Vanderbilt 14 – FAILURE
WB: Vanderbilt 38, Wake Forest 13 – SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt 23, Wake Forest 21

Georgia (-3) at Georgia Tech – Aaron Murray is done. Who is Georgia’s quarterback? Whoever it is, Vegas doesn’t think much of him. Georgia Tech always gives teams a little trouble with the triple option they run. It may actually be pretty close. Actually yeah, it will be. And Georgia Tech will win. EA Sports apparently knew about Murray’s injury as well.

EA: Georgia Tech 35, Georgia 23 – SUCCESS!
WB: Georgia Tech 27, Georgia 21 – SUCCESS!

Georgia 41, Georgia Tech 34 (2OT)

Clemson at South Carolina (-5) – South Carolina has won four in a row in this rivalry. Clemson has supposedly been a national contender for the last two of those. South Carolina won those two by 10 and 21. The SEC is different isn’t it, Clemson? The streak goes to five, and gets Clemson out of Auburn’s way in the Harris and Coaches’ polls.

EA: South Carolina 24, Clemson 21 OT – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 34, Clemson 21 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina 31, Clemson 17

Tennessee (-4) at Kentucky – Wow, rough line for Tennessee. I mean it’s free money. But is Tennessee really that bad? No. Kentucky is bad. Really bad.

EA: Tennessee 41, Kentucky 6 – SUCCESS!
WB: Tennessee 38, Kentucky 10 – SUCCESS!

Tennessee 27, Kentucky 14

Texas A&M at Missouri (-4.5)This is Missouri’s toughest test to date. Check out what week it is up there. 14. They beat Georgia at the Dawgs’ lowest point of injuries and people started looking. They beat Florida and people were on the bandwagon. They lost to the best team they’ve played so far, South Carolina, and people are still all on the Tigers. I mean, are they good? Yes. But not one of their “big” wins has ended up really meaning anything. People aren’t making the connection. Manziel ends the dream this weekend, which could possibly hurt Auburn a tad.

EA: Texas A&M 52, Missouri 45 OT – FAILURE
WB: Texas A&M 42, Missouri 38 – FAILURE

Missouri 28, Texas A&M 21

Alabama (-10.5) at Auburn – Check my game preview tomorrow for my score, but on NCAA 14, Alabama was 11-0 and ranked #1, while Auburn was 4-7. Boy were they wrong. And even wrong about their score prediction too. Though I give props that it was at least close.

EA: Alabama 31, Auburn 24 – FAILURE
WB: Auburn 31, Alabama 21 – SUCCESS!

Auburn 34, Alabama 28

And now for the national games to fill out the pick ’em slate…

Ohio State (-16) at Michigan – Tommy Tuberville will be at the Iron Bowl. Al Borges is coaching against the one team that stands in the way of Auburn getting a national championship game berth, if everything goes to plan. Fate isn’t a strong enough word for all that. But yeah, fate isn’t strong enough for anything to happen in this one, though.

EA: Ohio State 31, Michigan 13 – SUCCESS!
WB: Ohio State 34, Michigan 14 – SUCCESS!

Ohio State 42, Michigan 41

Notre Dame at Stanford (-15) – Notre Dame is still playing football this year? Haven’t heard a thing about ’em. I guess I don’t watch NBC much. It won’t be close.

EA: Stanford 35, Notre Dame 26 – SUCCESS!
WB: Stanford 38, Notre Dame 17 – SUCCESS!

Stanford 27, Notre Dame 20

UCLA at USC (-3) Who else is on the Ed Orgeron bandwagon?! MEEEEEE. I mean, I don’t really care, but it’s kinda cool to see how excited he is and how the team is responding. UCLA is pretty strong, but this will be a good game. USC will win at home and will be ranked #1 to start next season with 5 Heisman candidates on the roster.


UCLA 35, USC 14

Arizona at Arizona State (-12) – Well, beating the mess out of Oregon will get you no cred apparently. A twelve point underdog after blowing out a top 10 team? Eh, it was just one of those games. Arizona State wins big.

EA: Arizona State 31, Arizona 17 – SUCCESS!
WB: Arizona State 42, Arizona 30 – SUCCESS!

Arizona State 58, Arizona 21

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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TigerEyez13 11/29/2013 at 7:36 am

Arizona State struggled against UCLA late in the game. Arizona steamrolled Oregon on both offense and defense.
Current trend: If the Wildcats can maintain that same level of performance they will make their upstate rivals weep bitter tears.

Hamby 12/06/2013 at 10:12 am

Not sure if I’m imagining things, but I could’ve sworn UGA beat tech…

The WarBlogler 12/06/2013 at 12:02 pm

They did…

Hamby 12/06/2013 at 1:47 pm

Apologies, I read your results on the game backwards


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