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Week 6 Predictions: A Decent SEC Slate

I’m especially hateful in the predictions this week. I don’t know why. Predictions have been going well. Against the spread has been not. Maybe that’s it. Right now my predictions are hitting at a 86.6% click, but my against the spread picks are less than half. Not good. Probably better than yours, though. No? Well prove it.

Last Week: 13-1 (93.0%), ATS at 3-8 (27.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 12-2 (85.7%)
This Week: 12-1 (92.3%), ATS at 6-6 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 11-2 (84.6%)

Overall: 70-10 (87.5%), ATS at 33-35 (48.5%)
EA NCAA 14: 60-20 (75.0%)


Georgia State at Alabama (-55.5) – Ha ha. You won’t play Samford or UAB, but you’ll give money to a school from the state of the Georgia. Ha ha. Good one. Ha ha.

EA: Alabama 56, Georgia State 3 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 45, Georgia State 10 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 45, Georgia State 3

Georgia (-10.5) at Tennessee – The line for this one is a tad low when you first look at it, but you have to remember that Mark Richt is very Tubervillian at times. He’ll win a big game against LSU and then struggle to beat a team he should slaughter. Tennessee barely squeaked by South Alabama so he should be good in this one, though. EA Sports is on crack…

EA: Tennessee 49, Georgia 37 – FAILURE
WB: Georgia 34, Tennessee 14 – SUCCESS!

Georgia 34, Tennessee 31 (OT)

Kentucky at South Carolina (-21) – Connor Shaw got hurt last week, but will be back. Kentucky has been slightly better than I thought they’d be, but that’s not going to matter in this one. 21 points is about right, though.

EA: South Carolina 41, Kentucky 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 31, Kentucky 10 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina 35, Kentucky 28

Missouri at Vanderbilt (-1.5) – Whoa, Missouri is undefeated and an underdog at Vanderbilt? Well technically, they are undefeated with zero SEC wins, and the home team gets 3 points in the spread, so on a neutral field I guess Mizzou would be favored. Either way, I don’t think Vanderbilt is any better than last year, and I do think Missouri is slightly better. Last year Vandy won 19-15. This year Missouri will win. Slow down EA…

EA: Missouri 49, Vanderbilt 18 – SUCCESS!
WB: Missouri 21, Vanderbilt 14 – SUCCESS!

Missouri 51, Vanderbilt 28

LSU (-9.5) at Mississippi State – Everybody wants this to be a big game and maybe even upset. It’s the Dan Mullen hype machine in full force again. Everytime Auburn or LSU or Alabama comes to town, they make this huge push to make it some electric atmosphere. It’s almost like they are more excited about the team visiting their cow pasture than the actual game or their own team. I’m not 100% sold on LSU being elite like everybody made them before going to Athens, but they should have zero problem with Mississippi State… electric cowbells and all.

EA: LSU 28, Mississippi State 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: LSU 35, Mississippi State 13 – SUCCESS!

LSU 59, Mississippi State 26

Arkansas at Florida (-11) – Arkansas lost to Rutgers and then hung with Texas A&M for a while. I’m not sure what to think about that. I know Florida is meh and playing with a young’n at quarterback. Home field and Arkansas being Arkansas should be enough for the Gators to get the win.

EA: Florida 24, Arkansas 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: Florida 23, Arkansas 13 – SUCCESS!

Florida 30, Arkansas 10

Ole Miss (-2.5) at Auburn – Check my game preview tomorrow for thoughts on this game, but EA Sports has Auburn losing this one and dropping to 2-3 on the year. Yeah, EA’s on crack.

EA: Ole Miss 24, Auburn 6 – FAILURE
WB: Auburn 38, Ole Miss 23 – SUCCESS!

Auburn 38, Ole Miss 22

And now for the national games to fill out the pick ’em slate…

South Alabama at Troy (-3.5) – South Alabama could have taken Tennessee to overtime last week. They’ve also already beaten Bobby Petrino. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. Troy is more of a complete and real, established team than the Jags from Mobile, but it’ll be interesting. This could be a real rivalry one day.

EA: Troy 33, South Alabama 17 – SUCCESS!
WB: Troy 31, South Alabama 13 – SUCCESS!

Troy 34, South Alabama 33

Georgia Tech at Miami (-4.5) – I guess Miami is pretty decent this year? I guess Georgia Tech is slow and methodical (boring), but can’t score in the red zone (according to that one game I watched last week)? Miami has more firepower than the Jackets and should win in front of a 1/4 full stadium.

EA: Georgia Tech 17, Miami 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Miami 30, Georgia Tech 24 – SUCCESS!

Miami 45, Georgia Tech 30

Arizona State (-5.5) at Notre Dame – Notre Dame ain’t good. I still don’t like Arizona State because of the game they stole from Wisconsin earlier this year (not like I like the Badgers either). I think the Sun Devils who are wearing flame-laden helmets will kill the Irish. Not the race, just the Notre Dame football team.

EA: Notre Dame 27, Arizona State 24 (OT) – SUCCESS!
WB: Arizona State 28, Notre Dame 10 – FAILURE

Notre Dame 37, Arizona State 34

Washington at Stanford (-7.5) – I used to like Stanford. I thought it was cute that the smart school was good for a year or two and all that (I’m completely the opposite about Vanderbilt). Now I’m kinda tired of them taking up a spot in the Top 10. Is that wrong of me? Washington’s coach could be USC’s next coach. After this game, USC may not want him.

EA: Stanford 31, Washington 15 – SUCCESS!
WB: Stanford 38, Washington 7 – SUCCESS!

Stanford 31, Washington 28

Ohio State (-7) at Northwestern – ESPN’s Gameday will be at this game, making everyone think this game will be good. Nothing about the Big Ten and their tall grass and their easy schedules and their top heaviness is good. Nothing. Urban wins another one. He ain’t nothing but a winner… against soft competition. Never beat Auburn, either.

EA: Ohio State 40, Northwestern 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Ohio State 31, Northwestern 20 – SUCCESS!

Ohio State 40, Northwestern 30

Clemson (-14) at Syracuse – What is this? Why would this be a game? And wow that’s going to be a lot of orange. Not like Clemson vs. Auburn with Auburn fans wearing their new-fangled Tuberville-era orange. This is like really orange versus really orange. Clemson wins handily.

EA: Clemson 29, Syracuse 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Clemson 45, Syracuse 10 – SUCCESS!

Clemson 49, Syracuse 14

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks (or if you real fancy, do it real at If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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Wardamndavid 10/03/2013 at 4:58 pm

“Be aware that Clemson-North Carolina State is tonight, so be sure to get that pick in.”

Copy and paste strikes again.

WarEagle 10/03/2013 at 5:29 pm

EA seems to be favoring Tennessee a lot…

Mike 10/03/2013 at 9:21 pm

I always look forward to your “EA Sports is on crack” game, cracks me up every week


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