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Week 3 Predictions: Real Football Games

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some of my predictions this year have been pretty spot on. What’s new really? Not bragging or anything, but you can’t hide accuracy. Get on the train, follow me on, and make good predictions. Oh wait, that whole part is against the spread, which I’m not very good at it., but if you want to know somewhat, sorta, kinda what the score will be, then read on.

Last Week: 12-2 (85.7%), ATS at 6-6 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 8-6 (57.1%)
This Week: 11-2 (84.6%), ATS at 6-6 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 7-6 (53.8%)

Overall: 35-5 (87.5%), ATS at 19-17 (52.8%)
EA NCAA 14: 26-14 (65.0%)


Louisville at Kentucky – Oh wow, this is going to be bad. This is going to be really, really bad. Bridgewater and Dyer might score 100 points a piece. Well, maybe not that much, but a lot. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Kentucky 42, Louisville 37 – FAILURE
WB: Louisville 56 , Kentucky 10 – SUCCESS!

Louisville 27, Kentucky 13

Southern Miss at Arkansas – At first glance you think this might be a rout. Then you remember Arkansas was trailing Samford entering the 4th quarter last week. Southern Miss is still struggling from the Ellis Johnson project, but they’ll keep it close for a bit. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Southern Miss 20, Arkansas 10 – FAILURE
WB: Arkansas 28, Southern Miss 17 – SUCCESS!

Arkansas 24, Southern Miss 3

Alabama at Texas A&MThis is a win-win really. On one hand you get to see Manziel lose a football game. On the other hand you get to see Alabama lose a football game. Of course, one is a lot better than the other, but does it really matter? As we’ve seen the last two seasons, it does not. I’m torn on this one, but I just don’t think Manziel has the mental fortitude to win a game like this right now.

EA: Alabama 21, Texas A&M 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 35, Texas A&M 28 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 49, Texas A&M 42

Tennessee at Oregon – That 2-0 start was fun while it lasted Vols. Oregon is going run wild over Tennessee and think it means something. This will be the 3rd high-profile non-conference loss for the SEC this season. We’re dead. The reign is over.

EA: Oregon 28, Tennessee 23 – SUCCESS!
WB: Oregon 42, Tennessee 21 – SUCCESS!

Oregon 59, Tennessee 14

Vanderbilt at South Carolina – What a boring game. South Carolina does nothing for me. I don’t care how good they may be. Vandy does even less. The ‘Cocks will put the Dores back in the East cellar where they belong, so that’s good, but I won’t think twice about this game on Saturday.

EA: South Carolina 34, Vanderbilt 31 – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 38, Vanderbilt 13 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina 35, Vanderbilt 25

Kent State at LSU – Oh I see, LSU. Taking a week off before them Auburn Tigers come rolling in, huh? That’s right. You gon’ need that rest, brah. Oh hey, it’s two teams that Nick Saban has coached. Wonder if they had agent problems, too.

EA: LSU 33, Kent State 7 – SUCCESS!
WB: LSU 56, Kent State 10 – SUCCESS!

LSU 45, Kent State 13

Ole Miss at Texas – They’re just giving it to you on a silver platter, Rebs. A mid-season coordinator switch? That’s all you need to keep those darkhorse dreams alive. I don’t know, though, the Texas defense may be rejuvenated. We’ll see. EA Sports is way wrong, though. Stupid computers.

EA: Texas 34, Ole Miss 7 – FAILURE
WB: Ole Miss 34, Texas 21 – SUCCESS!

Ole Miss 44, Texas 23

Mississippi State at Auburn – You’ll get my prediction tomorrow, but EA thinks it’s going to be a tough day for the Tigers. EA Sports is on crack.

EA: Mississippi State 38, Auburn 24 – FAILURE
WB: Auburn 31, Mississippi State 14 – SUCCESS!

Auburn 24, Mississippi State 20

And now for the national games to fill out the Pick ’em slate…

Troy at Arkansas State – I’m pulling for the Trojans, but we’re supposed to want teams that Auburn has beaten to do well from that point forward, right? I think the Red Wolves are still probably a little better than our in-state friends, so they’ll win.

EA: Troy 27, Arkansas State 20 – FAILURE
WB: Arkansas State 31, Troy 21 – SUCCESS!

Arkansas State 41, Troy 34

UCLA at Nebraska – Yeah, I don’t have a clue on this one yet. It takes a few weeks for the vibes to waft in from the West coast before I can get a good idea of what’s going on out there. I do know that a UCLA player was tragically killed this week. I have to think that and the trip halfway across the country may hurt their chances this week. Not as bad as EA Sports thinks, though.

EA: Nebraska 52, UCLA 20 – FAILURE
WB: Nebraska 37, UCLA 28 – FAILURE

UCLA 41, Nebraska 21

Georgia Tech at Duke – Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! For real tho, I’m pulling for Zac Etheridge who coaches the secondary for the Yellow Jackets. Under Ted Roof by the way.

EA: Georgia Tech 27, Duke 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: Georgia Tech 28, Duke 7 – SUCCESS!

Georgia Tech 38, Duke 14

Ohio State at California – Even when you get out of the weak Big Ten, you play the weaker part of the weak Pac-12. Smooth move, bucks.

EA: Ohio State 38, California 21 – SUCCESS!
WB: Ohio State 41, California 17 – SUCCESS!

Ohio State 52, California 34

Wisconsin at Arizona State – These two teams have played a combined three games. These two teams have given up a combined zero points. These two teams have combined to play zero teams with a pulse. All of these things will change this weekend.

EA: Arizona State 21, Wisconsin 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Wisconsin 34, Arizona State 17 – FAILURE

Arizona State 32, Wisconsin 30

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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vancejf 09/13/2013 at 7:36 am

I believe that Vandy / S Carolina game will be better than you think. Might be a close one.

Burn4eva 09/13/2013 at 1:49 pm

I hate to say it… I mean I love nick Marshall’s arm and all. It’s AUsome. But I really think that if malzahn is serious about winning now, jonothan Wallace is going to have to get the job sooner rather than later. In the three or 4 plays that I’ve seen jw run, the tempo and sewing machine type execution is night and day.

Nick will never be accurate.
I’m sorry. All of you can see it.

Burn4eva 09/13/2013 at 2:17 pm

Is there anyway a&m and bammy could play today? So that one of these espn stations can talk about anything else.

Beachbeanb 09/13/2013 at 2:50 pm

I can’t figure out the pick or play thing…..I but in my picks every week but I am still at 0%…. I need to look at it closer….cause I ain’t than bad of a picker !


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