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Ranking the SEC after Week 6

After the 6th week of the season, we know who is bad. We know the two best teams haven’t played anybody, and we know the likely middle that could beat or lose to anybody. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.

1. Alabama (6-0)

They gave up 31 points to Arkansas. Tua has won the Heisman from playing literally nobody. I don’t see how we can’t see.

Last week: ranked #1, beat Arkansas 65-31

2. Georgia (6-0)

Georgia beat Vanderbilt like Georgia should beat Vanderbilt but doesn’t always beat Vanderbilt.

Last week: ranked #2, beat Vanderbilt 41-13

3. Florida (5-1)

I don’t want us to get too excited about a high-intensity home win over a team that deserved a loss more than most.

Last week: ranked #8, beat LSU 27-19

4. LSU (5-1)

Their dumb luck finally ran out in Gainesville. Switch this one with their game at Auburn and the exact same thing happens.

Last week: ranked #3, lost at Florida 27-19

5. Auburn (4-2)


Last week: ranked #4, lost at Mississippi State 23-9

6. Texas A&M (4-2)

The Aggies won a game they should’ve won. We were just bamboozled by Kentucky’s early success.

Last week: ranked #7, beat Kentucky 20-14

7. Kentucky (5-1)

Welp, it’s basketball season.

Last week: ranked #5, lost at Texas A&M 20-14

8. Mississippi State (4-2)

The reason Auburn fans are so mad that they lost to Mississippi State is because they know Auburn is better than Mississippi State. That’s why it’s called an upset. That’s why Auburn is still ranked ahead of the Maroons (with the exact same record) in the major polls. That’s why Auburn is still ranked ahead of the Maroons in this poll.

Last week: ranked #9, beat Auburn 23-9

9. South Carolina (3-2)

They showed some life once the rain started. What is it about rain waking up a home team?

Last week: ranked #10, beat Missouri 37-35

10. Missouri (3-2)

The week after I saw Missouri might be good, they go on the road and let the Gamecocks come back and win a rain-soaked tilt.

Last week: ranked #6, lost at South Carolina 37-35

11. Ole Miss (4-2)

The Rebels are really good against non-SEC teams from lesser conferences.

Last week: ranked #11, beat UL-Monroe 70-21

12. Vanderbilt (3-3)

It’s almost baseball season?

Last week: ranked #12, lost at Georgia 41-17

13. Tennessee (2-4)

The Vols took a week off preparing for a trip to Jordan-Hare. It won’t help.

Last week: ranked #13, BYE WEEK

14. Arkansas (1-5)

The Hawg offense scored a lot against unstoppable Alabama. Interesting.

Last week: ranked #14, lost at Alabama 65-31

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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