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Week 9 Predictions: Florida Can Already Clinch?

The only thing that kept me from a perfect slate last week was my inkling that Tennessee might beat Alabama at night at their place. I would say I was wrong, but is picking against Alabama every really wrong? Is it? I even got the upset special. I think I’m up to four correct picks on those for the year. Anybody wanna buy any stock in the ‘Blogle?

Last Week: 7-1
This Week: 5-3

Overall: 67-20(77.0%)


Kentucky at Missouri – The two SEC teams that Auburn may actually be able to beat without a miracle battle it out early Saturday morning. I’m not sure if Kentucky’s better than expected performance against Georgia last week was due to them or the Dawgs, but I’m not buying it. Missouri, again without James Franklin, should be able to beat the Wildcats.

Missouri 27, Kentucky 17

Missouri 33, Kentucky 10SUCCESS!

Tennessee at South Carolina – There’s scuttlebutt that Dooley is gone immediately following a loss to the Gamecocks. I guess we’ll find out because that loss is definitely going to happen, as much as I don’t want to give over-hyped South Carolina a win in any way. Geez, I don’t know why I hate them so much this year.

South Carolina 34, Tennessee 20

South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Arkansas – Mark my words: Arkansas will lose no more than two games for the rest of the season. They seemed to turn their season around against Auburn and blew out Kentucky in just a three quarter game. They should beat Ole Miss at home and will still somehow get to a bowl game.

Arkansas 38, Ole Miss 28

Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27FAILURE

Florida vs. GeorgiaThe East is not back. The East has three teams at the top that could all beat each other. Florida seems to be the best and should blow Georgia out. Because the Dawgs haven’t played too well over the last few weeks (28 point loss to South Carolina, 5 point win over Kentucky), they’ll probably come out and give the Gators a game. They’ll still lose and Florida will clinch the East.

Florida 31, Georgia 23

Georgia 17, Florida 9FAILURE

UMass at Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt may have scheduled a team whose fanbase won’t outnumber their home crowd. Given the way the world has worked this year, I’m sure Vandy will look atrocious and actually struggle against a team that should not be as good as Auburn. Shouldn’t be.

Vanderbilt 34, UMass 17

Vanderbilt 49, UMass 7SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Alabama – I don’t think Mississippi State can beat Alabama. Would I like it to happen? Sure. But because it won’t, and because I’m sick of the Fightin’ Dan Mullens’ paper record, I want Alabama to beat them by 100. Ok, 50 will do.

Alabama 45, Mississippi State 13

Alabama 38, Mississippi State 7 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Texas Tech at Kansas State – I guess Texas Tech and/or Kansas State are just going to be in these predictions every week this year. I want Tuberville to win, but Kansas State may need to stay undefeated to keep the awful occurrence of a rematch from happening. Tommy T’s Texas Tech blew out West Virginia, but so did Kansas State. I’ll give this one to the Wildcats because it’s at home and they are the better overall team.

Kansas State 41, Texas Tech 28

Kansas State 55, Texas Tech 24 SUCCESS!

Notre Dame at Oklahoma – Like Kansas State, I am pulling for Notre Dame to stay undefeated as well. Sadly, I think that ends this week. The Irish are better than they’ve been in a while, but they almost lost to BYU last week. On the road against the Sooners is a whole new ballgame. Rudy anyway.

Oklahoma 35, Notre Dame 17

Notre Dame 30, Oklahoma 13FAILURE

**Upset Alert**

Ohio State at Penn State – Ohio State has flirted with disaster a few times this season. Penn State, who was supposed to just fall off the face of the Earth is 5-2. With this game being in Happy Valley, I think the Nittany Lions will pull it off. Urban is due, and the crowd will be hype.

Penn State 20, Ohio State 17

Ohio State 35, Penn State 23 FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

Texas A&M at Auburn – For only the 2nd or 3rd time since I’ve started asking you to give me predictions, the consensus was an Auburn loss. It really wasn’t even close. Needless to say, the pessimism is at an all time high. Some may call it realism, but it’s not. People are exaggerating negative thoughts due to the frustrating circumstances, therefore it is pessimism. Anyway, we did have a pretty good prediction this week. It came from @Aubielicious: “Auburn 21 female cheerleaders, Texas A&M 0 female cheerleaders.” It made me laugh… through the tears.

Texas A&M 30, Auburn 17

Texas A&M 63, Auburn 21SUCCESS! (sorta)

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Wombat 10/26/2012 at 8:49 am

The lines I’ve seen on PSU vs OSU are pretty even. A tough game to call, but kind of a soft ball for the ‘upset alert’.

Come on Bloggle, I expect better from you.

rob 10/26/2012 at 3:38 pm

WAR EAGLE! We will right the ship and beat TAM this weekend. We will win out – including upseting #5 Alabama in Tuscaloosa. #5? you may ask…yes, #5 after losing in a close one to MSU. Hopefully MSU will play ND for the National Championship and bring another BCS NC to the SEC…let’s spread the wealth.


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