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Week 7 Predictions

After a poor showing in week 5, I went safe with my picks last week and gained a little more dignity. Aside from the Auburn game, the slate this week is a little thin and a little boring. Oh well, that usually means easy picks. Usually.

Last Week: 6-1
This Week 5-1
Overall: 48-10 (82.8%)


South Carolina at Mississippi StateWow, impressive wins guys. South Carolina beats up on a terrible Kentucky, although they now know for sure who will be starting at QB this week. Mississippi State was losing 3-0 at the half to UAB, before coming back and getting an impressive 21-3 win.

The Gamecocks looked better with Shaw back there, but that came against a pitiful team. Remember earlier this season he struggled against ECU. Mississippi State is going down quickly and should be worried about Dan Mullen even showing up, given the news he got yesterday. It’s on you, Dan. South Carolina will win.

South Carolina 24, Mississippi State 10

South Carolina 14, Mississippi State 12SUCCESS!

LSU at Tennessee – Ten minutes into last week’s LSU-Florida game, the whole world was going crazy at how “scary”, “nasty”, and “beastly” the Tigers looked. Hey, we knew they were good. Why did beating up on Florida’s third string quarterback make that any different? I’m still not scared of LSU’s offense, by the way.

Some Tennesseans already want Dooley gone. They are very dumb, but this game won’t change their tune. Tigers big.

LSU 35, Tennessee 6

LSU 38, Tennessee 7 SUCCESS!

Alabama at Ole Miss – Remember Jevan Snead? Heh. That has nothing to do with this game really, but I just wanted to bring him up. Ole Miss is terrible. The 2011, 2012, and 2013 Super Bowl Champs won’t have a problem with the Rebel Black Bears.

Alabama 31, Ole Miss 7

Alabama 52, Ole Miss 7SUCCESS!

Georgia at Vanderbilt The Bullpups are in the driver’s seat to take the East, and that will only continue this week as they take on another tough opponent in the Commodores. Georgia does not have to play Alabama, Arkansas, or LSU this year, but they do get Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vandy. If they win one other game than those cakewalks, which they already have, they’re pretty much in. They stink, but they’ll win.

Georgia 24, Vanderbilt 14

Georgia 33, Vanderbilt 28 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Michigan at Michigan State -Michigan has beaten absolutely nobody besides Notre Dame who trounced Michigan State. The Spartans did beat Ohio State, but that means nothing this year. Michigan will win because they are at home, and will continue to impress those that only look at records.

Update: This is game is actually being played at Michigan State. Michigan will still win.

Michigan 31, Michigan State 21

Michigan State 28, Michigan 14FAILURE

Oklahoma State at Texas – Oklahoma thrashed Texas. Oklahoma State will do the same. The Cowboys scored 70 points last week on a Big 12 opponent. The Longhorns won’t give up that much, but they’ll give up a lot. Back-to-back 30+ point losses to Oklahoma teams might spell the end of Mack Brown.

Oklahoma State 51, Texas 20

Oklahoma State 38, Texas 26 SUCCESS!

**Upset Special**

Kansas State at Texas Tech – This probably wouldn’t be that much of an upset, but the Wildcats are ranked. Texas Tech is at home, and yeah that’s pretty much the only reason I got.

Texas Tech 31, Kansas State 28

Kansas State 41, Texas Tech 34 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Florida at Auburn – The Twit-Fam’s predictions were pretty positive this week. Can you blame them? Does Auburn lose at home to Florida at night? I don’t remember the last time it happened.There were no eleventy billions and only one 111-0, so that means one thing: the Fam is taking it seriously this week. As they should. We gotta game to win.

Auburn 29, Florida 19

Auburn 17, Florida 6 SUCCESS!

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Brad 10/13/2011 at 10:39 pm

Just a heads up…Michigan State is at home. I am astutely aware of this as my fiancee is a huge MSU fan. Beat Florida!

The WarBlogler 10/13/2011 at 10:54 pm

Congrats! You have found the hidden mistake that I put into every post!


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