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FootballTop 30 at Jordan-Hare

Top 30 at Jordan-Hare: #29 Auburn 55, Pacific 0

29. Auburn 55 vs. Pacific 0 – Sept. 9, 1989

How I Remember It: I will honestly say that I don’t remember one thing about this game other than the score. For some reason, 55-0 has always been one of those scores that has never left my head. All blowouts throughout my childhood were measured against 55-0. There have been bigger ones since then, but this was my first 50+ point win, so it means a little more.

I do know I was at the game and it was probably one of the first Auburn games that I had attended. I also remember that a few years later, I was at another Jordan-Hare blowout (I don’t remember the opponent), and I said something like “wow, we haven’t beaten anybody this bad since we beat Pacific 55-0”. The fans around us that heard me were amazed that a 10-or-so-year-old knew this.

What Really Happened: Auburn came into their season opener as the two-time defending SEC champions and was ranked fifth in the nation. The University of the Pacific, from the Big West conference, lost 38-3 at Pittsburgh the week prior.

WR Alexander Wright caught five passes for 263 yards. Four of his five receptions were for touchdowns. His 263 yards and four receiving touchdowns (78, 60, 41, and 73 yards) are still Auburn records to this day.

Fun Fact: Pacific does not have a football team anymore, and starting a season with back-to-back cross-country flights to lose by a combined score of 93-3 might just be the reason for that.

Why did I pick this game? Most Auburn fans won’t agree that this game is that important in the history of Jordan-Hare Stadium, but with the huge performance by Wright, the sentimental value it holds for me, and the fact that this was the opening game of a very magical season, I couldn’t keep this one off the list.

Play of the Game: On the first play of the game, Reggie Slack connected with Alexander Wright for a 78-yard touchdown pass to begin the rout.

Player of the Game: Alexander Wright. Four touchdown catches and 263 receiving yards. That is all.

Quote of the Game: “I don’t think this game is indicative of how good we are or how bad Pacific is. We’ll have to wait until we get on the field with someone a little closer to our talent level.” – Pat Dye

Game stories: Times Daily | Gadsden Times

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BEATUAT 08/07/2010 at 10:14 pm

This game was Awesome in more ways than one. It was the first game of the season and it was on my birthday which made the win that more special. There was only one other team I saw Auburn beat this bad and it was Cincinnati in 1984 60-0. Ace Wright went off that day. I like to think he had a hand in Pacific ending their football program.

Libby 08/24/2011 at 2:51 pm

Am having fun going through your top 30. I remember leaving this game early but will always remember it since it was my first game as a Freshman at Auburn. You were 7? 8? Man, I’m getting old!

Glad to see the Florida 1989 & 1993, TN 1990 and FSU 1990 in this list too. Good times. I dont remember the game outcome but LSU 1996 was the fire right? And after last year I think GA 2010 should get at least a footnote!


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