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2009/2010 Bowl Predictions – Week 3

Regular Season: 102-30 (77.3%)
Bowl Games: 17-16 (51.5%)
Overall: 119-46 (72.1%)


Outback Bowl (10 a.m. ESPN)
Northwestern vs. Auburn – Auburn should win, but a lot of teams that should have won have gotten blown out so far during this bowl season. Gene Chizik won’t let it happen. The Tigers will roll over the Wildcats and avenge the SEC’s embarrassing loss of Tennessee to Virginia Tech.

Auburn 37, Northwestern 17

Auburn 38, Northwestern 35SUCCESS!

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl (12 p.m. CBS)
West Virginia vs. Florida State – Nostalgia, destiny, whatever you want to call it usually prevails in these types of games.

Florida State 23, West Virginia 20

Florida State 33, West Virginia 21SUCCESS!

Capital One Bowl (12 p.m. ABC)
Penn State vs. LSU – Why is this one such a snoozer? Both teams are ranked in the top 15, but nobody seems to care. SEC talent that’s poorly coached still beats Big 10 talent with a legendary coach.

LSU 24, Penn State 13

Penn State 19, LSU 17FAILURE

Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi (3:30 p.m. ABC)
Ohio State vs. Oregon – I’m really not sure about this one. Both teams always seem to turn out to be busts, but for some reason I’m feeling Ohio State. I mean, they aren’t playing an SEC team so they actually have a chance right?

Ohio State 27, Oregon 14

Ohio State 26, Oregon 17 SUCCESS!

Allstate Sugar Bowl (7:30 p.m. FOX)
Cincinnati vs. Florida – Let’s call this one the “Distraction Bowl”. Cincy has no coach. Florida is about to lose their’s, but they have Tebow. Too bad Florida fans don’t care enough to see the best player in their history play his final game. Either way, they still win.

Florida 31, Cincinnati 21

Florida 51, Cincinnati 24 SUCCESS!


International Bowl (11 a.m. ESPN2)
South Florida vs. Northern Illinois – Are you kidding me?

South Florida 28, Northern Illinois 13

South Florida 27, Northern Illinois 3 SUCCESS! Bowl (1 p.m. ESPN)
South Carolina vs. UConn – South Carolina can’t be pumped about coming to Birmingham to play in a bowl game. Actually, would anybody be? UConn may be just because it gives them a chance to play in decent weather.

The Gamecocks should win, and they will.

South Carolina 20, UConn 14

UConn 20, South Carolina 7FAILURE

AT&T Cotton Bowl (1 p.m. FOX)
Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss – This should actually be a good game. Both teams were heavily hyped, stumbled, and then ended with respectable records.

What’s that you say? Houston Nutt still coaches at Ole Miss. Oh well, it’s a blowout then.

Oklahoma State 51, Ole Miss 20

Ole Miss 21, Oklahoma State 7FAILURE

Autozone Liberty Bowl (4:30 p.m. ESPN)
Arkansas vs. East Carolina – Well this one sounds exciting doesn’t it? No…it doesn’t. Arkansas should be able to throw all over the place, but needs to watch out for the ‘little team that could’ syndrome that likes to show up during the bowl season.

Either way, middle of the road SEC talent should be good enough to win.

Arkansas 38, East Carolina 23

Arkansas 20, East Carolina 17 SUCCESS!

Valero Alamo Bowl (8 p.m. ESPN)
Michigan State vs. Texas Tech – This one should be called the “Absent Bowl”. Michigan State is missing something like nine suspended players and Texas Tech has no coach. Apparently the Tech players are happy about that, so they’ll have fun and beat Sparty.

Texas Tech 31, Michigan State 7

Texas Tech 41, Michigan State 31 SUCCESS!


Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (7 p.m. FOX)
Boise State vs. TCU – This match up makes no sense. What a waste of a reward for two teams wanting to prove they can play with the big boys. It’s obvious after Florida’s thrashing of Cincinatti that one of these teams would have been better suited playing in the Sugar Bowl, with the other playing against the Bearcats. In both cases, the little guy gets to play the big guy. Plus, these two teams played against each other in a bowl last year.

Anyway, this will probably be a really good one. TCU is the favorite just because they have played, and beaten, a few tougher opponents. But how impressive does Boise’s win over Oregon look now that the Ducks won the Pac-10?

Boise State will play the part of the team that’s just happy to be playing in a BCS bowl, while TCU has to be somewhat down after being a play away from possibly being in the National Championship game.

TCU will be too powerful and will grind down the Broncos, likely finishing #2 in the final polls.

TCU 34, Boise State 23

Boise State 17, TCU 10FAILURE


Fedex Orange Bowl (7 p.m. FOX)
Iowa vs. Georgia Tech – Like most Orange Bowls, this one will likely have the excitement, and attendance numbers, of an ACC Championship game.

Both of these teams can look really good at times, and really bad at times. I’ll guess that Georgia Tech will have the triple option working and look really good.

Georgia Tech 30, Iowa 17

Iowa 24, Georgia Tech 14FAILURE


GMAC Bowl (6 p.m. ESPN)
Central Michigan vs. Troy – Will someone please tell GMAC that they made a scheduling snafu? They meant to schedule this one on December 6th.

Troy has an offense that can win games, but the combination of an almost unstoppable Central Michigan offense and a bad Troy passing defense will make for a semi-blowout.

Central Michigan 51, Troy 30

Central Michigan 44, Troy 41 SUCCESS!


Citi BCS National Championship Game (7 p.m. ABC)
Texas vs. Alabama – I have no words for this one, but if Alabama does happen to win this game, I will fight the first toothless redneck that says anything about 13, unless he’s talking about the number of ex-wives he has or the number of illegitimate children running around his living room. You have 7, at most 8. It doesn’t matter how many Auburn has. That’s not what I said. You don’t have 12, and won’t have 13. I’m not jealous. I’m not your little brother. You’ve got multiple championships. Congratulations. Why ruin the real ones with claims of others that either never happened or that are stretching as much as your mama’s sweatpants?

Texas wins.

Texas 100, Alabama 0

All times are CST.

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