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Week 6 Predictions

I guess the whole SEC/ESPN network deal also gives CBS the right to eat up an entire afternoon/night for their beloved doubleheader. There are five, yes five, SEC games on TV starting anywhere between 11am and 11:30am CDT. I hope you have a DVR with quintuplet-tuners. This whole thing sounds like a monopoly over my viewing…or something. Anyway, here is what WILL happen…

This Week: 6-3
Last Week: 9-2
Overall: 48-14 (77.4%)


Vanderbilt at Army – I’ve said this before about Vandy this season: if you are in the SEC and go on the road to play a team from, well Army isn’t even in a conference, then you are either really nice or really bad. No matter how bad the Commodores are, Army has lost to Tulane and Duke this season. Even Vanderbilt can beat that.

Vanderbilt 31, Army 14

Army 16, Vanderbilt 13 FAILURE

Georgia at Tennessee – This is the first time since 1937, that’s 72 years, that neither Georgia nor Tennessee has been ranked going into this game. This is the first time Georgia hasn’t been ranked since 2006. This is the first time that Tennessee has a very good chance to win an SEC game this season.

Georgia showed that it’s offense is still abysmal when trying to score points against a decent defense. Tennessee’s offense is just bad, but their defense should be good enough to hold the Dawgs below 14 points.

Tennessee needs this win if they want to keep their fans from jumping ship and ending the Kiffin honeymoon very, very early.

Tennessee 20, Georgia 10

Tennessee 45, Georgia 19SUCCESS!

Kentucky at South Carolina – This is the third game in a row that Kentucky plays a team with a defense ranked in the top three of the SEC. The Wildcats proved that they could run the ball against a decent defense last week in their loss to Alabama. If there was one thing that Ole Miss did well (but for some reason not enough) in their loss to South Carolina, it was running the ball.

The Wildcats will make this one interesting because the Gamecock offense is still very far from impressive, but home field advantage will win this one.

South Carolina 23, Kentucky 17

South Carolina 28, Kentucky 26SUCCESS!

Houston at Mississippi State – Wow, how did I not know this game was happening? If Houston hadn’t gotten pummeled by Mike Price’s UTEP Pickaxes last week this would have been another scary game for Mississippi State. Now that the Cougars have a loss and the Bulldogs are proving they can score some points, this could be a very unorthodox signature win for Dan Mullens.

Without their loss last week, Houston would have been ranked in the top 20 this week and a win over that team would have been huge. Oh well, now it will look like just another win over a C-USA team…that beat Oklahoma State.

Mississippi State 34, Houston 31

Houston 31, Mississippi State 24 FAILURE

Alabama at Ole Miss – Thanks Ole Miss. Thanks for making me despise you so much this season that I’m actually pulling for you to lose to Alabama. That does not happen. Brussel Sprouts vs. Alabama? Brussel Srouts everytime.

Alabama will win and win big over the Nuttjob Rebels, and this time, and this time only, it won’t bother me because we will finally be able to put the  Rebels to bed.

Alabama 34, Ole Miss 14

Alabama 22, Ole Miss 3SUCCESS!

Florida at LSU Will Tebow play? Will Tebow sit? Will it matter? No.

LSU, now known as Lucky Schmuck University, has been riding this train for far too long. They have to fall, and they have to fall now. Whether Tebow plays or not, LSU’s offense is just too bad to keep up with a full-strength, or half-strength, Gator offense, but don’t tell that to the national media. Charles Scott’s 95 yard performance last week has vaulted him back into national spotlight. Can you tell who I want to win yet?

For the second week in a row, the LSU loss is just so obvious that it won’t happen like it should, but the other Schmuck gets his first win over the Hat in Baton Rouge.

Florida 28, LSU 17

Florida 13, LSU 3 SUCCESS!

Auburn at Arkansas Talk about jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other. Tennessee’s vaunted rushing attack never really got going last week in Auburn’s win over the Vols, but this week the Tigers challenge is completely different.

Arkansas is first in the SEC in passing, with Auburn just behind them. The difference is that Auburn is ranked 2nd in rushing offense, while the Razorbacks boast the 11th best rushing attack. The other main difference is defense: Arkansas is dead last in total defense in the SEC. The Tigers aren’t much better at 9th, but I have to believe they are much better than Petrino’s Hawgs.

Auburn has won the last 3 in Fayetteville, and the road team has won 6 of the last 7. The Tigers never seem to play their best against Arkansas, but this is a new team.

There will be points and lots of them. It’s cliche, but for three quarters, this will be a shootout.

Auburn 48, Arkansas 31

Arkansas 44, Auburn 23 FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Boston College at Virginia Tech Virginia Tech struggled last week against Duke. Boston College beat the schizos known as Florida State. Virginia Tech isn’t as good as everyone believes and Boston College didn’t prove much in their win against the ‘Noles.

Tech wins a close one. Bammers rejoice.

Virginia Tech 21, Boston College 20

Virginia Tech 48, Boston College 14 SUCCESS!

Oregon at UCLA – Oregon has been on a tear since that opening loss to Boise State, and since Blount was kicked of the team. Coincidence? UCLA has looked pretty good all season, but took their first loss at the hands of the Stanford Cardinal last week.

Oregon continues to put up major points while UCLA waxes their surfboards on the sideline.

Oregon 38, UCLA 21

Oregon 24, UCLA 10SUCCESS!

Upset of the Week

Michgan at Iowa I’m almost positive of this pick. Iowa has skated by on cheap wins over Northern Iowa and Arkansas State. Michigan lost a heart breaker to Michigan State last week, but freshman QB Tate Forcier showed some major heart in the comeback that fell short.

Iowa gets it’s first loss of the season.

Michigan 28, Iowa 24

Iowa 30, Michigan 28

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