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Gameday Tweets – Bye Week

  • Your winners today: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia. #
  • What’s the over/under for games UT-Chattanooga has played in HD? #bama #sec #cfb #
  • The Mocs force a three-and-out on Bama’s first drive. Moral victory of the century. #
  • I usually hate bye weeks, but dang this one feels good. #auburn #wareagle #sec #cfb #
  • And that’s your ballgame… #
  • Alabama’s field is in terrible condition. Another reason why Auburn is better. #
  • Alabama scored 35 on Chattanooga in the 1st half. Auburn scored 42 on Furman in the 1st half. Furman beat Chattanooga. Just saying… #
  • RT @FootballAU Players off today. Get back tomorrow and work to put an exclamation point on the end of the regular season. War Eagle! #
  • So why again is Chattanooga/Alabama on tv while Arkansas/Miss. St. is not? #
  • Alabama scored 45 on Chattanooga. Auburn scored 63 on Furman. Furman beat Chattanooga. Just saying… #
  • LSU beat Auburn. Auburn beat Ole Miss. Watch how this game won’t reflect that at all. Life in the SEC. #cfb #
  • Why does Snead even play anymore? Seriously… #
  • Trindon Holliday is on the LSU track team! He’s on the track team! He’s the fastest guy in the SEC! YEA!!! I said it before Verne. #sec #
  • The SEC refs return…the diving into the endzone call was ridiculous. What about when Reggie Bush and Tre Smith did front flips?…no flag. #
  • @BSallee_CFN I do too. I just wanted to beat him to the punch. in reply to BSallee_CFN #
  • @LICceli Just a funny jab. in reply to LICceli #
  • CBS just promo’d the SEC championship that’s two weeks away. Mentions of the Iron Bowl that’s played next week? Zero. Is it still on? #
  • @BeninNYC But Furman beat Chattanooga, you forgot that. And Auburn had offensive walk-ons playing defense in the 4th quarter. Just saying… in reply to BeninNYC #
  • @BeninNYC And it was actually 31. 3 of those came against the 1st and 2nd string defense. in reply to BeninNYC #
  • Verne: “There won’t be a fly in the ointment for Bama or UF before the SEC Championship game.” Seriously? They aren’t playing Vandy. #
  • Someone please tell Alabama that there will still be a game played next week. They should show up if they don’t want to forfeit the game. #
  • Video Clip from Video Recorder Cam-2009-11-21 #
  • @BeninNYC It’s simple logic, it’s better to beat a team that beat the team you beat? Got it?…and did you have walk-on WR’s playing DB? in reply to BeninNYC #
  • These ND/UConn refs must be fans of the FUPA. #notredame #uconn #cfb #
  • @BeninNYC But lets make it even simpler. Alabama will lose to Auburn. Head-to-head prevails! in reply to BeninNYC #
  • Notre Dame loses to UConn. What is Daffy Du…uhh…Lou Holtz gonna say now? #
  • It’s official, the Irish sideline will be 400 pounds lighter next season. #
  • End of 1st Half – AUBURN 41 IUPUI 35 #
  • Final – AUBURN 80 IUPUI 65 #
  • Yes, they exist… #auburn #wareagle #sec #cfb #
  • I didn’t see the ending of the LSU/Ole Miss game, but what I heard about it doesn’t surprise me at all. #
  • This UGA/Kentucky game is infuriating to watch. Both teams didn’t deserve and had no business beating Auburn. #
  • Thank you Kentucky (even though I hate you too). Georgia deserved it. #
  • How does it feel Georgia? Do you want to dance now? Dang it, how did we lose to them? #
  • My prediction results have been updated. Another promising event ruined by Georgia. #warblogle #sec #cfb #

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