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Week 8 Predictions

This Week: 8-1
Last Week: 8-1
Overall: 64-16 (80.0%)


Arkansas at Ole Miss – This one has blowout written all over it, but it won’t be the Razorbacks blowing out the Rebels. Even though Arkansas had the game stolen from them by a stinkin’ ref last week (yeah, right), everyone sees them as a team on the rise, and as high as everyone had the Rebels before the season, they only had one way to go: down. So this looks like an obvious beating right? Well it won’t be.

This is the type of game where the team who everyone loves gets crushed by the team everyone gave up on. As much as I don’t want to say it, Snead will have the game of his career (5-15, 96 yds, 1 TD off a screen pass, 3 amazing pump fakes), and will lead Nutt’s Rebels to another revenge win against their coach’s former team. You will remember Houston Nutt was Tuberville’d by Arkansas two years ago.

The Rebels will somehow be ranked again after this victory, count on it.

Ole Miss 37, Arkansas 17

Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 17 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Alabama – Orange jerseys? Kicker’s tape? Do we realize there is an actual football game going on here? This should be a good one, but everyone wants to talk about cheating and all that…well it is Alabama, it’s kinda hard not to talk about cheating.

Anyway, Alabama’s explosive offense scored one offensive touchdown last week (can’t say much, Auburn’s did the same) as the Julio Jones-defending McElroy continued to struggle. However, Alabama’s defense is so good it could stop Mike Price from scratching himself on national television.

Tennessee’s has made some major improvements offensively in the last few weeks, but we’ll have to wait and see how they fare against a really good defense. Tennessee’s defense sets up perfectly for Alabama’s style of offense, and with Alabama’s offensive struggles, they should be able to frustrate the Tahd enough to score a few points off turnovers.

This should be a boring defensive battle with Alabama somehow pulling it out in the end.

Alabama 23, Tennessee 16

Alabama 12, Tennessee 10 SUCCESS!

Lousiana-Monroe at Kentucky – Kentucky got their biggest road win in the history of the program last week. That is saying a whole lot isn’t it? Lousiana-Monroe won’t beat the ‘Cats even though they did beat ‘Bama a few seasons back.

Remember Auburn fans, we can get beat by Kentucky, Vanderbilt, heck even Southern Miss, but never let those Bammers forget that they lost to those WarHawks of Monroe, Lousiana.

Kentucky 31, Louisiana-Monroe 10

Kentucky 36, Louisiana-Monroe 13 SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at South Carolina – South Carolina is starting to look like a real team. They still haven’t beaten any worth anything though. The Ole Miss win should have happened and won’t look like any major feat at all by the end of the season. But…

Vandy is just bad.

South Carolina 27, Vanderbilt 7

South Carolina 14, Vanderbilt 10 SUCCESS!

Florida at Mississippi State – Question(s) to ESPN: You chose to put this game on your channel on Saturday night? Prime-time? You thought that the Mullens-Florida storyline was big enough to pick this game over the Auburn-LSU match up that has easily been in the top 5 games of the season for at least the last 5 years? What do you think Joe College-Fan is going to do when he flips over to this game in the second quarter and the score is 31-6? That’s right. He’s going to go one channel over, to the Deuce, and watch the best game of the day.

Florida 41, Mississippi State 13

Florida 29, Mississippi State 19 SUCCESS!

Auburn at LSU – Auburn’s offense has been bad the last two weeks. LSU’s offense has been bad all season. Auburn’s defense has been mediocre-to-bad all season. LSU’s has been mediocre at best as well.

Either way, these certainly aren’t the two defenses that we are accustomed to seeing in this annual rivalry. However, the two struggling offenses will make the defenses seem a little better than they are.

The good thing for Auburn is that it’s much easier to rediscover something that you lost (a good offense), than to have to find it for the first time, as the Bengal Tigers are still trying to do.

The week off will help LSU, but Auburn will find the offense we all grew to love, and finally steal a win at the end in Baton Rouge. The Hat gets tighter.

Auburn 31, LSU 27

LSU 31, Auburn 10FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy


Florida State at North Carolina – Will the Florida State from the BYU game show up, or will it be the one that almost lost to Jax State? UNC was another one of the overhyped teams in the country, so I’ll say the good Florida State shows up.

Florida State 31, North Carolina 20

Florida State 30, North Carolina 27 SUCCESS!


Penn State at Michigan – JoePa beats down on that spread offense, but the Blue put up a few points because this one’s at the Big House.

Penn State 34, Michigan 21

Penn State 35, Michigan 10 SUCCESS!

TCU at BYU – The “Battle of the Abbreviations” deserves an abbreviated prediction. TCU is btr thn BYU.

TCU 28, BYU 17


Upset of the Week

Iowa at Michigan State – After starting the season 1-3 with three straight losses to decent opponents, the Spartans have rattled of three in a row. Iowa has skated by in almost every win this season, including a 1-point win over Northern Iowa and a 3-point win over Arkansas State. Their dream ends here.

Michigan State 24, Iowa 20

Iowa 15, Michigan State 13

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