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Week 5 Predictions

This Week: 5-4
Overall: 33-17


UAB at South Carolina – So South Carolina didn’t handle Wofford last week like I thought they would, but it’s UAB. David Farr says “Go Blazers”. I say “No Blazers”.

South Carolina 31, UAB 6

South Carolina 26, UAB 13SUCCESS!

Western Kentucky at Kentucky – Kentucky is off to a good start, and surprisingly has a decent defense. Western Kentucky whooped up on Murray State last week, but Kentucky will whip it’s western counterpart this week. Kentucky will end up 4-0 after facing the Hilltoppers, and face 4-1 Alabama next week.

Kentucky 24, Western Kentucky 3

Kentucky 41, Western Kentucky 3SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at LSU – Idiot Miles won’t need any stupid calls this week to handle a Mississippi State team that is going to get worse as the season goes on. LSU has a history of blowing out the Maroon Bulldogs and that’s what will happen this year as well. Charles Scott will dominate, but Jarrett Lee, ESPN’s new darling, will have some sophomore (second game) struggles. The SEC’s worst offense against one the best defenses won’t muster more than a field goal. I said more than a field goal. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually get one.

LSU 31, Mississippi State 0

LSU 34, Mississippi State 24SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Florida – You’ll notice a theme when visiting this site, or at least reading my predictions: I think Houston Nutt is an idiot. He acts like he’s won the national championship every time his team gets a first down. “Act like you’ve been there” comes to mind when I think of Dickey Nutt‘s brother, and obviously he hasn’t. Anyway, back to the predictions.

Florida beat Tennessee pretty bad last week. Ole Miss lost to Vandy. Is it that simple? Yes.

Florida 38, Ole Miss 10

Ole Miss 31, Florida 30FAILURE

Arkansas at Texas What should we call this one? The Delayed Massacre? Yeah that’s good. Wow, Arkansas is really, really, really bad, especially their interception return defense. Last week, RTR had more interception return yards than Arkansas had rushing. I suggest that Petrino put all his fastest guys on defense so they can chase down the guy who just intercepted one of Casey Dick’s passes.

Texas is good. I mean they aren’t that good, but they will always look decent because the Big 12 is so top heavy. Against the PetrinoHogs, the ‘Horns will have no problem at all. Let’s hope somebody ‘Weiss’es Will Muschamp.

Texas 42, Arkansas 10

Texas 52, Arkansas 10SUCCESS!

Alabama at Georgia – I would say finally, the curtain gets pulled back and the real Alabama is shown for what it truly is, but you know somehow they will hang around. This really is the game of one team that’s actually really good, but probably a little overrated against a team that’s a little more than decent and way overrated and only in the top ten because of their name. Can you tell which is which? Georgia should have killed ’em last year but it took overtime. I don’t see overtime this year, but Georgia won’t beat RTR as bad as they should.  I see a close halftime score, but at least a ten point win by the Munson-less Dawgs.

Georgia 27, Alabama 13

Alabama 41, Georgia 30FAILURE

Tennessee at Auburn – Did you happen to check that BYU/UCLA score (59-0)? Wow. Does that mean BYU would beat Tennessee by 62? Probably not, but anyway don’t let the record fool you. Tennessee isn’t that bad, and they won’t be that bad during this game. Their back is against the wall, but so is ours. I see something like the 2003 game where Auburn jumped out to a good lead, but Casey Clausen in all his spiky blonde glory made it a little closer and gave us a little scare. Maybe a two touchdown lead at halftime, cut to one by the 4th quarter, but a late drive led by Todd and a Burns TD run from the 10-yard line gives the Tigers a decent win. On a side note: The kicking game better step it up. Two years in a row, that’s ridiculous.

Auburn 24, Tennessee 10

Auburn 14, Tennessee 12SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

USC at Oregon State (9/25) – I wish this one would be close. I wish ESPN and Mark May wouldn’t act like as soon as USC gets ranked number one (every year), then that automatically makes them the All-Century Team. Neither of those things will happen.

USC 38, Oregon State 10

Oregon State 27, USC 21FAILURE…and I have no problem with it.

** Upset Special **

Marshall at West Virginia – I couldn’t really find any games that were screaming upset so I just picked one that I would like to see. Marshall is 3-1, and West Virginia is 1-2. When’s the last time that happened? We are….MARSHALL!

Marshall 21, West Virginia 17

West Virginia 27, Marshall 3FAILURE

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trigger 09/26/2008 at 3:51 pm

Either UGA kills UAT or UGA pulls out a second half come from behind victory. Either way Moreno will rush for 130+ yards. Oh yea, this week Vandy stays undefeated! You can take that to the bank!

The Warblogler 09/26/2008 at 4:09 pm

I actually agree with your UGA prediction now that I think of it. Vandy stays undefeated playing their toughest opponent of the season.

willheath 09/28/2008 at 4:42 pm

I can’t wait to read 16 posts this week about how much the media loves Bammer and UGA was overrated all along (and you knew it).
Seriously. I can’t wait.


trigger 09/29/2008 at 1:58 pm

I don’t think UGA was overrated. It was clear that the UGA team that showed up in the 2nd half was not the same team that played in the first half. All-in-all UGA’s D still really didn’t stop Bama in the 2nd half, but I think that if the game was played again (which it might be) then you certainly wouldn’t have UGA in a 31 point deficit by halftime.


The Warblogler 09/29/2008 at 2:11 pm

Read every prediction I’ve ever made about UGA this year. Every one of them states they are overrated and they are. Or at least they were when they were ranked number one. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Alabama played well in the first half, but did give up the same amount of points to UGA in the second half. Without two roughing the passer penalties in the first half, two Bama drives would have been stopped. UGA beat themselves with penalties and made a good Bama team look better.

trigger 09/29/2008 at 2:18 pm

Bama will be tested more than they would like to in the later part of the season. They caught a UGA team with their pants down and took advantage of em. Now Bama’s among those that will be the hunted this year. Make no mistake Ole Miss, LSU, and even UK won’t come into their games with Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson and Little Nicky and take em lightly. I wouldn’t get too cocky Bama b/c as you’ve seen people in the SEC are getting knocked off left and right.


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