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Ranking the SEC after Week 12

The bottom half of the league has a few moves this week, but I think we’ve pretty much determined our final order. Of course the top could change after this Saturday, but based on last week’s games… YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (11-0)

Yeah, yeah, you beat Mercer. Anybody can do that.

Last week: #1, beat Mercer 56-0

2. Auburn (9-2)

Yeah, yeah, you beat UL-Monroe. Anybody can do… wait. See team above.

Last week: #2, beat UL-Monroe 42-14

3. Georgia (10-1)

The #DWAGS bounced back to beat the Wildcats. It was just like every other game they’ve played against not Auburn.

Last week: #3, beat Kentucky 42-13

4. Mississippi State (8-3)

I broke down and said the Maroons were actually pretty good last week, and then they almost lost to Bert. This is why you are Mississippi State.

Last week: #4, beat Arkansas 28-21

5. LSU (8-3)

LSU beat Arkansas 33-10 a week ago. They beat Tennessee 30-10 on Saturday. That’s weird, man.

Last week: #5, beat Tennessee 30-10

6. Texas A&M (7-4)

The Aggies won their first SEC road game in November in like 800 years or something.

Last week: #6, beat Ole Miss 31-24

7. South Carolina (8-3)

The Gamecocks are 8-3. That’s pretty good. But 31-10 over Wofford is not enough.

Last week: #8, beat Wofford 31-10

8. Kentucky (7-4)

Now that record is starting to look a little more Kentucky footballish.

Last week: #7, lost at Georgia 42-13

9. Missouri (6-5)

Missouri is now bowl eligible. Sure, they’ve blown out some bad teams the last few weeks, but you play who you play.

Last week: #9, beat Vanderbilt 45-17

10. Ole Miss (5-6)

Ole Miss started to look alright and they hung with a decent Aggie bunch, but they aren’t going bowling regardless of what they do.

Last week: #10, lost to Texas A&M 31-24

11. Arkansas (4-7)

I’m not sure whether leading Mississippi State 14-0 and then losing by a touchdown is a promising thing or an even more infuriating thing for Arkansas fans.

Last week: #12, lost to Mississippi State 28-21

12. Florida (4-6)

I like how the state media wants UAB to be so good and would even pretend they are an upper level team. One of the worst teams in the SEC beat them 36-7. Florida is still bad, but this at least looked like an expected score.

Last week: #14, beat UAB 36-7

13. Vanderbilt (4-7)

Vandy is Vandy.

Last week: #11, lost to Missouri 45-17

14. Tennessee (4-7)

The Vols are done.

Last week: #13, lost to LSU 30-10

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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