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Ranking the SEC after Week 1

I hate preseason polls. You know this. I loathe them. But I also loathe polls that come out after Week 1 and make knee jerk reactions after one game. Polls should not start until AT LEAST the 5th or 6th game. I would even say the 7th or 8th game. They do not matter, nor are they founded until then.

I hate early season polls so much that I am doing one now. Here’s where I have every team in the SEC after Week 1.


1. Alabama (1-0)

Blah, blah, blah…. they blew out a team that was supposed to be half decent. I didn’t watch any of the game because I have some self-respect, but I don’t think anybody can argue this ranking at this point.

(Last week: N/A, beat USC 52-6)

2. Texas A&M (1-0)

The Aggies being this high sort of shows what the rest of the SEC did this weekend. They blew a 15 point lead at home and ended up having to win in OT. I have no idea how good they are, but they beat what is supposed to be a top-tier Pac-12 team.

(Last week: N/A, beat UCLA 31-24)

3. Georgia (1-0)

I guess Georgia could be up a spot from #3, but I’m not totally sold on their offense outside of Nick Chubb. I did think they would lose to North Carolina, but I need another week to see what’s really going on.

(Last week: N/A, beat North Carolina 33-24)

4. Ole Miss (0-1)

The Rebels definitely had their shot at #2 or maybe even #1 in this week’s ranking if they had kept up what they were doing. But they didn’t, and now #4 may be too high.

(Last week: N/A, lost to Florida State 45-34)

5. LSU (0-1)

I don’t know what to think about the SEC’s Purple Tigers. I also don’t know why the LSU fanbase thought things were going to be any different after they all decided to stand firmly behind Les Miles last season. Without a 100% Leonard Fournette, they really aren’t anything special.

(Last week: N/A, lost to Wisconsin 16-14)

6. Auburn (0-1)

The crowd that wants everybody fired after one game’s gameplan in a game that you thought Auburn had no chance winning will scoff at this ranking. But look at every team below them and tell me they did better than a 6-point loss to the #2 team in the nation. The Tigers should may even be one spot higher.

(Last week: N/A, lost to Clemson 19-13)

7. Florida (1-0)

A 24-7 point win over UMass? That won’t get you above 7th in any poll.

(Last week: N/A, beat UMass 24-7)

8. Tennessee (1-0)

The Vols were the luckiest team in the entire nation after Week 1, and even then they can’t get past a team that didn’t blowout UMass. They have a long way to go.

(Last week: N/A, beat Appalachian State 20-13)

9. Arkansas (1-0)

I saw none of their game, but I saw the score. 21-20 over Louisiana Tech? That dark horse may be dead before it even leaves the stable.

(Last week: N/A, beat Louisiana Tech 21-20)

10. South Carolina (1-0)

I am not sure if a 13-10 win over Vanderbilt is anything to get excited about, but a win is a win. It’s a lowly-classified win, but it’s better than the four teams below them.

(Last week: N/A, beat Vanderbilt 13-10)

11. Missouri (0-1)

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Missouri should not be in the SEC. They scored 11 points against West Virginia on Saturday. Who scores 11 points?! Get em out.

(Last week: N/A, lost to West Virginia 26-11)

12. Vanderbilt (0-1)

The Commodores were nice enough to wait until the students showed up to the game (after they noticed a 10-point lead) before blowing it right in front of their peers.

(Last week: N/A, lost to South Carolina 13-10)

13. Kentucky (0-1)

Losing to Southern Miss is never good, especially when you were up 35-17 at halftime. The Stoops era may be bought out at the conclusion of the season.

(Last week: N/A, lost to Southern Miss 44-35)

14. Mississippi State (0-1)

I don’t even know what to say. One year you actually travel to South Alabama. Now you let them beat you at home? Maybe you’re the team that needs to be removed from athletic competition in the SEC.

(Last week: N/A, lost to South Alabama 21-20)

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Douglas (Doc) Brown 09/07/2016 at 4:23 pm

I think Auburn should be in the 4th slot with OM at 5th and LSU 6th. The other picks are fine with me.


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