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Gameday-New Mexico St.

11:45 pm – 55-14 Auburn. War eagle! And Alabama got knocked off by Georgia in OT and back down to Earth. More tomorrow. I’m tired and gonna watch Lou Holtz spit at the screen for a little bit.
4:15 pm – Still tailgating….it’s a lot hotter than I thought it would be. It was a Mexican theme today. For New Mexico St. Get it? Fajitas, quesadillas, twinkies, huh? Anyway, Florida squeaked it out over Ole Miss. That makes me feel really good about next week. And after giving up a quick touchdown to South Carolina, LSU looks like they’ll send be sending the gamecocks back to the lower ranks of the polls where they belong. South Carolina is not good. They just have a coach who can call the perfect plays for mediocre players to make things happen. But still Auburn is 1-2 and Alabama won the national championship last week over Arkansas, so I can’t really talk about a team being good. But I still think even though most of our better players are stuck on the sideline with injuries or plagiarism that we’re gonna have a good day. Lots of sacks. Lots of picks, and lots of rushing and passing touchdowns. If I hear or see anybody boo anybody on our team regardless of their size or color, I will say something to them. Ohhhh I’m bad aren’t I? Anyway, I’ll be heading to the stadium soon. I’m really glad it’s a night game because I won’t get as many third degree burns. You should have seen my wife’s shoulder last week. I’ll be back later. War Eagle!
2:30 pm – I’ve been tailgating for about three hours now. There is nobody here. Looks like Ole Miss might upset Florida but Florida’s not going away. It’s 27-24 Florida early In the 4th quarter. I don’t know how I feel about this game. Yes, we always pull for the upset, but considering Auburn plays Florida next week we might either get a down and out Florida or the mad as mess Florida. Either way I don’t feel like the ‘I can do better than Brandon Cox’ Auburn fans and think we will just get slaughtered by Florida next week. Especially considering Tubby’s track record as an underdog and considering that Ole Miss’s defense is somewhat stopping Florida. Chill out fairweather Auburn fans. This is a weird year. We’ll get better as people start to look at us as a pushover. 30-24 Florida 5 minutes left. I’ll be back.

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