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Ranking the SEC after Week 2

Games were cancelled, balls were held, the SEC traveled well. It was a wild and crazy week in the SEC and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (2-0)

Of course…

Last week: #1, beat Fresno State 41-10

2. Georgia (2-0)

I toyed with keeping Georgia at #3. I mean they basically played a home game at Notre Dame and could only muster a one point win? Still not sure on them.

Last week: #3, beat Notre Dame 20-19

3. LSU (2-0)

LSU did what they were supposed to do. I don’t think they are that great, but they did what they were supposed to do.

Last week: #4, beat Chattanooga 45-10

4. Auburn (1-1)

I dropped Auburn two spots. Yep, that’s what I did.

Last week: #2, lost at Clemson 14-6

5. Florida (0-1)

We still aren’t sure about the Gators. All we have is that one atrocious performance against Michigan. Half the SEC hasn’t played a team of that caliber yet, so I’m giving them no credit.

Last week: #6, game with Northern Colorado cancelled

6. South Carolina (2-0)

I think the Cocks might be good. They have a quarterback. They beat Missouri as they should last week and look to be improving.

Last week: #8, beat Missouri 31-13

7. Tennessee (2-0)

I don’t know where this disdain for Tennessee came from, but I’m already at the peak hate level of last season. Maybe Florida can do something against them this week.

Last week: #7, beat Indiana State 42-7

8. Mississippi State (2-0)

The Maroons are over here trying to look impressive with tons of points against Charleston Southern and Louisiana Tech. It’s the Mississippi State way.

Last week: #10, beat Louisiana Tech 57-21

9. Texas A&M (1-1)

Hoo boy. Was it a hangover or was it just not getting up for Nicholls? Maybe Nicholls is decent. They gave Georgia all they wanted last year. Either way, Kevin Sumlin might want to get right.

Last week: #5, beat Nicholls 24-14

10. Missouri (1-1)

The Tigers gave up 42 to Missouri State last week and then 31 to South Carolina last week. Sounds like improvement, right? Nope, they fired their Defensive Coordinator the next day. Maybe the SEC can fire them next.

Last week: #9, lost to South Carolina 31-13

11. Arkansas (1-1)

Only in the War Blogle rankings can you lose and move up. Why? This thing is fluid, man. Apparently Arkansas played badly, but I know it was close semi-late and TCU was ranked. I mean, I want Bert to lose, but I need to see more before I tank them. Wait, they are already #11. Yeah, they’re tanked.

Last week: #12, lost to TCU 28-7

12. Vanderbilt (2-0)

Not much you can gather from beating Alabama A&M, but they didn’t lose to Alabama A&M.

Last week: #14, beat Alabama A&M 42-0

13. Ole Miss (2-0)

I know the score ended up looking a little more like what we expected, but this thing was much too close for way too long. This is the beginning of the end.

Last week: #11, beat UT-Martin 45-23

14. Kentucky (2-0)

Kentucky had to go to overtime to beat Eastern Kentucky two years ago. Last Saturday, they trailed most of the game. They aren’t good. Hoops, amirite?!

Last week: #13, beat Eastern Kentucky 27-16

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