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Week 12 Predictions: Ramp-up to Rivalry Week

Well, Week 11 was supposed to be hard, but I was almost perfect. I gave Penn State too much, or really just wanted Michigan to lose. Otherwise I would’ve been perfect two of the last three weeks.

This week: 11-1 (91.7%)
Last week: 8-1 (88.8%)
Overall: 99-28 (78.0%)

Week 12 is usually full of easy non-conference games as we ramp up for rivalry week, but there are actually a few conference games that could make this tougher than normal.


Chattanooga at Alabama – Don’t hurt yourself, Tide. Was the Citadel busy?

Alabama 55, Chattanooga 7

Alabama 66, Chattanooga 10 – SUCCESS!

Southern Miss at Mississippi State – The Golden Eagles are not good. Mississippi State is not good and doesn’t have a coach. It could be one of those things where they quit and the small state team that wants to show up the big state team wins, or it could be one of those things where the Maroons rally around whoever their interim coach happens to be. Oh, it’s Greg Knox. He used to coach at Auburn. Yeah, they’ll win, but it won’t be pretty.

Mississippi State 28, Southern Miss 23

Mississippi State 41, Southern Miss 20 – SUCCESS!

UL-Monroe at Ole Miss – What if Alabama’s next coach lost to UL-Monroe just like Alabama’s current coach did?

Ole Miss 48, UL-Monroe 10

Ole Miss 35, UL-Monroe 3 – SUCCESS!

Abilene Christian at Texas A&M – This is the same as the Southern Miss-Mississippi State game, but the smaller state team is much worse and the bigger state team is much better.

Texas A&M 58, Abilene Christian 0

Texas A&M 38, Abilene Christian 10 – SUCCESS!

Georgia at Tennessee – Oh, here’s a real game. Georgia finally decided to beat somebody to help their CFB Playoff ranking last week, and Tennessee looks worse than they have all season. Rocky Top gon’ be ugly.

Georgia 38, Tennessee 10

Georgia 38, Tennessee 10 – SUCCESS! **PERFECT PICK**

FIU at Arkansas – What hope the Florida win gave Arkansas was immediately and completely taken away by the Auburn loss. But FIU is 1-6.

Arkansas 34, FIU 17

Arkansas 44, FIU 20 – SUCCESS!

Florida at Missouri – The Gators have to win this one and then beat Florida State to become bowl eligible. You can’t win both if you don’t win the first. Yeah, they won’t do that. Oh, so Missouri got Tennessee and Florida at home in back to back weeks?

Missouri 31, Florida 20

Missouri 33, Florida 31 – SUCCESS!

Kentucky at South Carolina – Which team is worse? Probably South Carolina, but they are playing at home, and even though it was Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt, they have won two in a row. Kentucky has lost four of their last five. I guess Beamer will sneak one out and salvage the season of changing the culture.

South Carolina 20, Kentucky 17

South Carolina 17, Kentucky 14 – SUCCESS!

Georgia State at LSU – Georgia State plays at Turner Field, but this one is being played in Death Valley. That’s about all I got.

LSU 56, Georgia State 17

LSU 56, Georgia State 14 – SUCCESS!

New Mexico State at Auburn – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: more positivity will positively give reason to hype up the next one.

Auburn 59, New Mexico State 7

New Mexico State 31, Auburn 10 – FAILURE

Other Games of Note

North Carolina at Clemson – The Tarheels started off strong and have fallen off a little. Clemson has not had a great season, but won the last two. It feels like this is one of those where Dabo reminds North Carolina that they aren’t on their level yet.

Clemson 35, North Carolina 28

Clemson 31, North Carolina 20 – SUCCESS!

Washington at Oregon State – The Beavers to lost Washington State, who is now awful. They beat Utah, which is about all they’re living on. But it’s a weird, foggy play to play and they’ve ruined dreams there before. But I think Washington is just too good and will find a way.

Washington 38, Oregon State 28

Washington 22, Oregon State 20 – SUCCESS!

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