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Happy St. Patrick (Fain Dye) Day!

I’ve already told you once before of Auburn’s connection to those of the Irish persuasion, but it wasn’t until today that I realized there were so many Patricks in its history.

Coach Pat Dye (seen below), QB Pat Sullivan, QB Pat Sullivan, Jr., QB Pat Washington, QB Patrick Nix, DB Pat Lee, DT Pat Sims are a few from football’s past. On the current roster we have OL Patrick Miller, RB Patrick Lymon, and TE Patrick Young. That’s a lot. Patrick ain’t no John or Sen’derrick or any other common name like that.

irishpatAuburn also has two athletes directly from Dublin, Ireland. Auburn basketball center, Pat Burke, just so happens to be the first Irishman in NBA history. And did you know that Auburn’s placekicker for the 1975-76 seasons, Neil O’Donoghue was Auburn’s first soccer-style kicker? Now you do. WPE.

Thanks to @PosingPlainsman for some info. Leprechaun Pat Dye from @AUlteredEgo.

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