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beAU Knows: Darkest Before the dAUn

Sometimes it’s just tough to stay positive. Oh how easy it would be to get on social media and bash this team, this coaching staff, and cry for a change at quarterback. Shoot, I saw plenty of changes at quarterback Saturday. As a matter of fact if I see one more I think I’ll throw up. But anywho, that’s for the weak minded and we extinguish that here at

This isn’t a sunshine pump. This is a check of your fandom and your character. We knew coming into this season three straight games consisting of Texas A&M, UGA, and LSU, was going to be a tall order. So why are we acting like the sky is falling all of a sudden? We are right where we knew we would be. If you had unrealistic expectations then you’re probably already off the wagon and you’re opinion is irrelevant. For the rest of you, the ones that know ball, stay the course. It’s the darkest just before the dawn.

There were four games on the schedule coming into this season we knew we were going to have problems. We just got done with a stretch of three of those four. As bad as I hate the term “talent gap” it simply is what it is. Texas A&M, UGA, and LSU simply are more talented and much deeper than this version of Auburn. Not to mention we got two of the three on the road. You simply can’t have one transfer portal haul and expect to line up with the class of the SEC. The amount of Auburn fans that thought that is truly baffling. Oh, and remember that only having one player from the 2021 signing class is not a good thing.

The LSU game was a mess. After a heavyweight fight with UGA followed by an off week I expected us to play a lot better. I’m not going to sit here and act like I wasn’t disappointed in that product, but you have to realize that LSU has arguably the best offense in the country. It doesn’t particularly matter how good or bad their defense has looked when they are at home at night.

Auburn’s offense is frail, and it simply can’t get behind schedule. Down two scores early is something we simply can’t overcome with who we are right now. Somehow in the midst of all of that, we were only down 20-10 midway through the third quarter. Unfortunately, our defense by then was gassed. Freeze, in a more politically correct way said earlier this week that he would love to be a hurry up RPO offense, but we don’t have the weapons on offense or the depth on defense for that style of play. Yet.

Are we out of the woods yet? We have no way of knowing, but I do know we’ll have a puncher’s chance in every home game we play. I think what we witnessed Saturday in Baton Rouge is the worst of what we’ll see.

Outside of Ole Miss this weekend we won’t see another offense anywhere near that caliber the rest of the season and I fully anticipate Jordan Hare Stadium to keep them at least somewhat human. Don’t listen to the doom and gloomers, we are going to a bowl game. With Ole Miss, Mississippi State, @Vanderbilt, @Arkansas, New Mexico State, and Alabama remaining, there’s no reason we can’t win at least three of these.

Stay the course Auburn fans. It’s always the darkest before the dawn. This Saturday’s game against Ole Miss is winnable. If we can run the football and keep their offense off the field we have more than a great chance to pull this one out.

I don’t care who is at quarterback. Shoot, put me in. If we can run the football and play Auburn defense it really won’t matter who the hell the quarterback is.

Remember how Gus Malzahn always seemed to have a little extra juice for Arkansas? I think it’s a safe bet that’s exactly how Freeze is going to treat Ole Miss in his tenure here.

No more excuses. It’s time to nut up, Auburn. War Eagle Forever.

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