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The Auburn-UMass Cinematic Recap, Auburn Football Every Day to Return

Before we get into this cinematic recap of the UMass game released by Auburn, let’s talk about some heartbreaking news. The Auburn Football Review is no more. No more Phil Snow. No more postgame discussion. No more.

Instead, Auburn will be re-debuting Auburn Football Every Day which will serve as a review of the week and gameday as a whole. Personally, Auburn Football Every Day from the 2010 season was the greatest thing put on my television screen, so I’m glad to see it returning.

There have been other attempts like “All About the Ball” and “Season 126,” but nothing gave us the same magic as Cam Newton going to an elementary school and mentoring young boys. Anyway, I’m excited for a full weekly review and I feel like Coach Freeze’s personality will go well with it.

Now, instead of posting a highlight video to their YouTube page, it appears Auburn is going to do a little 3-4 minute movie about each game. I kinda miss just a standard highlight video with radio calls, but this will do.

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