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Week 2 Predictions: We Know a Little More

Week 1 was solid. I was stupid on some picks just to be stupid and it got me. No more being stupid.

Last week: 12-4 (75.0%)
This week: 8-6 (57.1%)
Overall: 20-10 (66.7%)

We have a little bit of SEC on SEC action this week and a few SEC teams going on the road to big name schools. We should start to see a little bit of separation, but there’s also a few more opportunities to build a lot of fake hype.


Alabama at Texas – Oh look, it’s a big name and a big name and winning this game will surely mean something. No, it won’t. Alabama destroys them and nobody cares about Texas for the rest of the year, or Alabama loses by less than a touchdown and all the TV people talk about nothing but how Alabama is still a playoff team. Who cares?

Alabama 38, Texas 10

Alabama 20, Texas 19 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Arkansas – Watch out! It’s dark horse vs. dark horse. These two teams definitely have a shot at the title this year! South Carolina struggled with Georgia State and Arkansas struggled with a American Conference team that was replacing everybody. Arkansas will win because it’s at home and will vault to the top 10.

Arkansas 27, South Carolina 21

Arkansas 44, South Carolina 30 – SUCCESS!

Missouri at Kansas State – This one flew under the radar. Kansas State is kind of a fun trip if you like tailgating in a cow pasture that’s literally all around the stadium. (I like that). Missouri scored a lot of points last week. Are they that good? No. But neither is Kansas State.

Missouri 31, Kansas State 28

Kansas State 40, Missouri 12 – FAILURE


Wake Forest 34, Vanderbilt 14

Wake Forest 45, Vanderbilt 25 – SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Pitt – The Pitt of the South travels to the Pitt of the North. They are seriously the same. Pitt was lucky to beat West Virginia. Tennessee played Ball State. Because all media wants Tennessee to be good, Tennessee will lose.

Pitt 34, Tennessee 27

Tennessee 34, Pitt 27 – FAILURE

Appalachian State at Texas A&M – The Fightin’ Appalachian Mountains scored 61 points and lost to North Carolina last week. Texas A&M looked pretty lackluster even in a 31-0 win over Sam Houston State. It will be close for a while, but we aren’t lucky enough for Texas A&M to lose yet.

Texas A&M 38, Appalachian State 17

Appalachian State 17, Texas A&M 14 – FAILURE

Samford at Georgia – Bulldog on Bulldog action.

Georgia 56, Samford 7

Georgia 33, Samford 0 – SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Florida – I wasn’t going to hate Florida this year until they were ranked in the top 15 after beating Utah in the Swamp on a last second interception in the endzone, when all the Utes had to do was kick a FG one play later to go to overtime. I actively hate Kentucky because… see: Tennessee. People are tired of the East being weak and now they are doing things to make us think they are not.

Florida 27, Kentucky 21

Kentucky 26, Florida 16 – FAILURE

Central Arkansas at Ole Miss – The Rebels and their offensive guru only beat Troy 28-10 last week. What’s that all about? Lane still reeling from Rush Week?

Ole Miss 42, Central Arkansas 10

Ole Miss 59, Central Arkansas 3 – SUCCESS!

Southern at LSU – Let this game be close and see how quickly the fam-uh-lee turns on Brian Kelly.

LSU 41, Southern 21

LSU 65, Southern 17 – SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Arizona – The Maroons beat Memphis about the same way Arizona beat San Diego State last week. Same level of opponent. Almost same margin of victory. They might be the same team. Therefore, the home team will win.

Arizona 45, Mississippi State 38

Mississippi State 39, Arizona 17 – FAILURE

San Jose State at Auburn – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: this ain’t Sparta!

Auburn 54, San Jose State 3

Auburn 24, San Jose State 16 – SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

USC at Stanford – The national slate isn’t great this week, therefore I’m just using this game because it used to be mean something. USC is better than most of the Pac-12, especially Stanford.

USC 35. Stanford 13

USC 41, Stanford 28 – SUCCESS!

Baylor at BYU – This is a ranked matchup. Is Baylor good again, or are we going off that bowl win last year? Is BYU actually good or do they just destroy a bunch of small football teams out West? I guess we’ll find out. The Baptists take this one.

Baylor 34, BYU 24

BYU 26, Baylor 20 – FAILURE

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2022 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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