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Interesting Tidbits on Game Week, Depth Charts, and Auburn’s Offense

Happy Tuesday and happy four days till Auburn plays football. It’s the best time of the year. I know you can’t think of anything else, so you might as well spend your afternoon with us catching up on all the interesting tidbits you need to know. Enjoy.

– Game week is here. Hear what Gus Malzahn said about Auburn’s chances in Dallas, and what Oregon HC Mario Cristobal said about Auburn.

– ESPN predicted some things about the SEC, I don’t like them. ESPN employee Kirk Herbstreit had nicer things to say.

– Whether you already know every player on the depth chart or need to catch up before Saturday, here is Auburn’s and here is Oregon’s.

– What do you think are the biggest questions facing Auburn this season?

– Regardless of which question is biggest, the offense will be a continuing storyline throughout the season. Namely, what will it look like back under Gus and with a freshman QB at the helm?

– Another offensive question, what will Auburn do with so many running backs?

– Learn more about one of Auburn’s speedy WR’s. Also, we’ve had more punter news in the past two weeks than all of history combined.

– Can’t leave out the defense: learn more about a surging DB, a coordinator on the move, and how Oregon will respond to Auburn’s defense.

– Speaking of Gus, here are the odds that the #FahrGus crowd’s dreams will come true.

– In recruiting news, meet a 4-star that flipped to Auburn and a future LB making some moves at RB.

– Find out how Auburn plans to be #AUStrong on the field this year.

– Football season will be incredible, but without the Voice of the Tigers, there will always be something missing.

– Lastly, Josh Donaldson is a bad man.


Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below.

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