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From the Other Sideline – Alabama (Extra Edition)

ken_rogersKen Rogers is the Alabama beat writer for the Dothan Eagle. He also does analysis for That’s all I know.

1. What is the first thing that pops into the heads of Alabama fans when Auburn football is mentioned?

God, is Verne Lundquist doing the game? And no, he’s not this week.

2. Are you an Alabama fan, and if so, why?

Nope, but if I was I wouldn’t admit it. I didn’t go to school there. I didn’t go to Auburn. Now, being selfish, I know my newspaper sells more papers on Sundays after both teams win than after they lose.

3. What are Alabama fans’ expectations for the Iron Bowl?

I don’t want to speak for them, but I would think they expect to win the game.

4. Do ‘Bama fans realize that they have beaten Auburn when they weren’t supposed to and Auburn has beating Alabama when they weren’t supposed to?

Actually, upsets rarely happen in this game. The team with the most playmakers almost always wins.

5. What are Alabama fans’ expectations for the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl?

I don’t know. If the SEC Championship Game goes the way they want to, Bama fans probably think Florida will play well in New Orleans.

6. Who are two generally unknown Alabama players that Auburn should look out for?

I would have said Mark Barron, but he’s come too far to be unknown. I think one of the key guys is left tackle James Carpenter, who probably is their most improved offensive player. Defensively, I think safety Justin Woodall has quietly done a good job, but he’ll be tested Saturday.

7. What is your prediction for the game?

I think Alabama will win, but I think Auburn is going to play well and make it a four-quarter game. The Tigers will make several big plays in the passing game. In the end, however, Alabama’s ability to run the ball and stop the run make the difference. Alabama 31, Auburn 20

8. Where do you think Auburn and Alabama will end up in the post-season?

Alabama plays Texas in Pasadena and Auburn goes to Memphis.

9. Why do ‘Bama fans think Nick Saban cares about Alabama at all? Don’t they realize that it took the highest salary of any collegefootball coach at the time to lure him to Tuscaloosa?

I’d say he’s provided a return on Alabama’s investment.

10. Do ‘Bama fans actually think houndstooth looks good or is it one of those things where they think it’s ugly so it’s funny to wear it?

Tough to debate that one.

11. Out of all of the ‘Bama fans in the world, how many do you think have actually attended the University of Alabama, or better yet seen the inside of a classroom past the 8th grade?

Not sure. But they all seem to find their way to SEC Media Days in Birmingham.

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