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Do College Sports Positively Affect Grades?

The sound mind in the sound body. This proverb is well-known to every student. Physical exercises are practiced in all schools, colleges, and universities of the USA. It’s important to sustain the body to remain healthy. Many youngsters associate their future with sports and choose a certain kind to become a professional athlete. This choice is advantageous in many ways and one of such has a positive reflection in academic performance. Some people claim that active engagement in sports helps to earn better grades. We have decided to analyze this probability and would like to share the results of our analysis.

Positive Outcomes

There are several links between positive effects on the academic performance of students who are physically engaged. We mean not undergoing sports for pleasure. We mean taking sports seriously as a future career. Let’s review those effects.

  • Improved Concentration. A famous scientist and doctor Howell Wechsler verified about 50 studies related to the relation of sports to academic performance. Most of those studies show clear evidence that such students have sufficient improvement in concentration. Students can focus on something very long and learn extensively without quick and/or frequent tiredness. It leads to the improvement of their grades as they master materials quickly and memorize many facts. Such students receive about 30% higher grades than students who aren’t physically active.
  • Reasonable Time Management. Although many people are doubtful, it’s quite possible to equally combine sports and studying. All the students need is to create a realistic and reasonable schedule. This activity helps to manage their time more effectively and reasonably. They set realistic deadlines, which show the time necessary to fulfill a certain assignment or pass the necessary training. Such folks control their time perfectly and are amongst the fastest students.
  • Increased Motivation. Many talented athletes are also interested in learning well. As they compete, they feel the pleasure of victory and so, want to win everywhere. Learning is no exception and students try to become successful in every sphere. They really try harder to achieve their academic objectives. It’s worth mentioning that more intelligent athletes are also more successful in sports.
  • Enhanced Thinking. A study conducted by John J. Ratey, a Harvard University psychiatrist, showed a plain link between sports and the activation of the brains. Such students are smarter and more successful in academics than those who don’t go in for sports. Physical exercising activates and increases the volume of the hippocampus and frontal and temporal lobes. These regions of the brain are answerable for cognitive functions. They directly affect our memory and the ability to learn.

As a result, physically active students make decisions faster and their effectuality is very high. It becomes easier to master new materials and develop different learning abilities. Mostly, students succeed in English, math, and science.

Negative Aspects

There are also certain consequences, which negatively affect students’ performance. Although we have highlighted positive outcomes, it’s also important to warn students. Active engagement in sports may lead to problems with learning.

The National Bureau for Economic Research studied the link between the success of favorite teams and college teams where students study and students’ success. The research showed a very distinct tendency. Such students have poorer results than commonly. It’s remarkable that this tendency includes both those who play and the ones who are fans.

Players don’t have enough time to devote it to their academics because of constant training and playing. They seem to be torn into pieces. Not all are capable of being equally successful in both directions. Besides, students who support their college teams or other favorite teams also fall behind the program. When their teams win, they prefer drinking and hanging out instead of learning. It takes too long and they don’t manage all the assignments they have.

Sometimes, students seem to give inaccurate answers. They want to hide from the people who make surveys that they fall behind because of sports. Thus, one survey asked 60 students about the grades they receive while they are actively engaged in sports. Their responses surprised because their grades didn’t greatly differ from the most successful students or hit even higher.

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As you can see, the matter is a bit tricky. There are some signs to get alarmed because students may not be able to receive as many grades as they want. In the meanwhile, accurate planning and reasonable division of energy have great potential and students can reap even more benefits if they also undergo sports.

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