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What are Esports Casinos?

A first glance, it appears that esports and traditional online casinos have nothing to do with each other. However, after looking closer, it’s easy to understand why esports is gaining ground in the internet casino industry. This article is designed to give you a better understanding of this new trend in online sports betting.

What is Esports?

The term esports stands for the abbreviated form of the term electronic sports. Esports specifically refers to an online computer game where people compete on multiplayer servers, either in teams or individually. Some popular games include League of Legends, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike, and Dota 2.

What is an Esport Competition?

Esports competitions are where the best of the best professional gamers go to compete against each other for bragging rights and cash prizes. There are many big tournaments and competitions held that attract the world’s best gamers and crowds of spectators.

In Las Vegas, tournaments can now be held in a newly-built dedicated electronic sports arena. Professional gamers can come from as far afield as South Korea, Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Sweden. The arena environment creates the perfect opportunity for spectators to do some esports betting.

Is an Esport Event like a Sports Event?

The game is virtual, but real players and teams compete against each other in a tournament. Spectators also come to support their friends, teams, and favourite players. In this regard, it feels like a traditional sport.

What is an Online Esports Casino?

An esports casino is a casino that offers betting on electronic sports events on its online casino platform. It might also sponsor a player or team – much like companies have and still do sponsor skateboarders, football teams, or MMA fighters.

An esports casino might also offer live streams, or if it’s a sponsor or land-based casino, it might organize and broadcast televised competitions.

Why Should All Casinos be Offering Esports Betting?

By offering gambling in esports, live streaming tournaments, and even sponsoring a team, an online casino can achieve great success.

Online Casino marketing and management expert, Kevin N. Cochran, advises all of his casino clients to get involved in the electronic sports betting industry. He believes that esports betting will experience a huge amount of growth in the near future.

He has also developed effective strategies casinos could implement for future growth and stability in regards to esports.

The truth is, online casinos need to adjust to new trends and an evolved audience to stay relevant. With a significant bracket of the population having an interest in esports, online casinos need to keep up.

Why did Gambling in Esports Become Popular?

Gambling in esports speaks to the younger generation because they grew up playing video games. They were there when the first Xbox came out and when the first internet RPG games like World of Warcraft became available.

This generation pre-ordered games, waiting patiently for months and years for them to come out. They built supercomputers, so they could play all the latest games. Modding and upgrading it into towers with fancy lights, whirring cooling fans, and the best GPUs possible.

Before the internet was integrated into gaming, gamers could only play a game against the computer. Internet games offered the opportunity for multiple real players to be involved in one game from numerous PCs via an internet connection.

Now friends could bring their PCs over to each other’s house and hang out together doing a LAN (local area network) party. This means playing an online game together over the local area connection, or, setting up a private server and play against each other from different locations.

In public servers, this is where people found out who were some of the biggest names in that game or the genre, in general. Anyone overhearing a conversation could expect to see and hear chatter about who died, who respawned, game strategies, and when the latest games were coming out.

How to Find the Best Online Casino to Bet on Esports

There are now more and more online casinos offering esports betting, but how do you find the best ones with which to gamble?

Great comparison sites like Mobile Casino Canada offer reviews on all the top casinos. Some of the info includes the bonuses, promos, listing pros and cons, and giving the website a rating for each website.


Esports is an interesting and fun new topic on which to bet. There are many online casinos offering betting on electronic sports. There are plenty of entertaining tournaments to watch and teams to follow in this growing betting market.





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