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Is Matched Betting Legal in The United States?

One of the newest and best ways to make money online is through matched betting. Even though the word has “betting” inside it, when it is done properly, there is no risk attached. This method makes use of gambling websites; however, the odds are always in your favor if you properly follow instructions. This means that you are guaranteed to profit on every single outcome. You can find the best betting sites for matched betting on A common question from United States residents is whether they can legally use this method. However, a new court ruling has made this issue far more clear. The PASPA act of 1992 has been abolished in 2018, which means that on a federal level betting is now completely legal. In turn, this means that matched betting is also completely legal on the federal level. In this article, we will explain the details about matched betting and also explore the potential legality in more depth.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is where a consumer takes advantage of the numerous offers and promotions given by bookmakers and online casinos. Two bets are placed. One is the ‘back bet’ which covers one outcome in a sport, and the other is the ‘lay bet’ which covers the opposite outcome in the same event. You can view details about the best betting websites in the link we posted above. There are now many bookmakers to choose from, and the competition has led to a fierce drive to recruit new customers. This, in turn, has led to consistent offers that provide excellent value.

New sign up offers can be combined in tandem to create situations where all outcomes end up in profit. There is a bit of skill required for matched betting; however, it is easy for anyone to get the hang of. Once, you have done it a few times it will become second nature. The high number of existing customer offers which are handed out on a regular basis means that this strategy is viable in the long term. There are many tools available which make matched betting incredibly easy and fairly profitable. 

States Where Matched Betting is Already Legal 

There are some states where matched betting is already 100% legal. These include Nevada where sports betting has been legal since 1949. Other states are looking to follow Nevada’s example in the future. Nevada continues to be a hub for online sports betting. However, this could fast change due to further legalizations.

Additionally, sports betting is now legal in New Jersey as of 2018. The bets have come in fast, and New Jersey has quickly become a state where many bets are placed. Delaware has legal betting, but this is currently limited to physical locations; however, this is likely to change in the near future. Mississippi also allows bets in the person, and there are plans to make online betting completely legal. In similar fashion, West Virginia is another state that allows physical betting and could soon open its doors for allowing online betting. 

States Where Matched Betting Could Soon Be Legal

Pennsylvania is a state that could allow sports betting to become legal as they have signaled their intent. Rhode Island also has legislation in place that could soon make mobile betting applications legal. New York has four locations where physical betting is legal, and this could soon expand into online territory. Oregon and Connecticut are two more states that could make online betting legal; however, they do face some specific legislative hurdles.


 Matched betting is a fantastic way to make extra side income. It can seem daunting to begin with; however, it is relatively simple once you gain some experience. If you do it right, there is absolutely no risk in any losses. The landmark court ruling has meant that in some states matched betting is already perfectly legal, and it looks like other states will follow. The future seems bright for sports betting in the United States, and we will keep you updated with any developments.

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