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Ranking the SEC after Week 13

We’ve got moves, and we know how to use them. Rivalry week can shake some rankings up and they definitely did that. We’ve reached the end of the regular season, so this is pretty much your final rankings, but we do have one more game that could change things slightly. Oh… and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Auburn (10-2)

After a full regular season, there are now two teams in the SEC with one loss. Auburn is the cause of both of those losses.

Last week: #2, beat Alabama 26-14

2. Alabama (11-1)

While Alabama looked stymied against Auburn, they are still a very good team. They are just the second best in the SEC.

Last week: #1, lost at Auburn 26-14

3. Georgia (11-1)

The Dawgs have looked dominant in all but one game. They were dominated in that one game.

Last week: #3, beat Georgia Tech 38-7

4. LSU (9-3)

Imagine where the Purple Tigers would be without that loss to Troy… and the 30-point loss to Mississippi State.

Last week: #5, beat Texas A&M 45-21

5. Mississippi State (8-4)

Injuries happen and they affect a team. Mississippi State is not the same team without Nick Fitzgerald.

Last week: #4, lost to Ole Miss 31-28

6. South Carolina (8-4)

8-4 in year two of Muschamp is a nice season.

Last week: #7, lost to Clemson 34-10

7. Texas A&M (7-5)

The Aggies looked like a team that knew their coach was gone after the game. November struck again.

Last week: #6, lost at LSU 45-21

8. Kentucky (7-5)

Kentucky had two losses a little over a month ago. They ended with five losses.

Last week: #8, lost to Louisville 44-17

9. Missouri (7-5)

Missouri was primed to jump higher in this last regular season ranking, but then they only beat Bert by three in his last game.

Last week: #9, beat Arkansas 48-45

10. Ole Miss (6-6)

I’m not sure if the Rebels beat the Maroons had Nick Fitzgerald hadn’t gone done. We’ll never know, but Ole Miss is still 6-6 and they officially hired the man who lead them there.

Last week: #10, beat Mississippi State 31-28

11. Vanderbilt (5-7)

I guess not being the only team in the SEC without a conference win is a good thing, but this was a very Vandy year.

Last week: #13, beat Tennessee 42-24

12. Arkansas (4-8)

Bert was fired minutes after his last game at Arkansas. Not sure that was necessary.

Last week: #11, lost to Missouri 48-45

13. Florida (4-7)

The Gators gave up long ago.

Last week: #12, lost to Florida State 38-22

14. Tennessee (4-8)

The Vols gave up even longer ago.

Last week: #14, lost to Vanderbilt 42-24

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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