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Gameday Tweets: Auburn 59, San Jose State 13

WarBlogle_twitterThe outstanding cell coverage definitely extended into week 2. I just didn’t tweet that much. That’s what happens when you’re helping run the hottest tailgate on campus. When I say “hottest” I mean that multiple asked me if I had dipped my head in a bucket of water on Saturday. Nope. Just sweatin’. I also timed my phone charging well enough that I made it all the way through the game. Follow me.

  • Campus is quiet. A little too quiet. But we in this. Come on. #auburn (@ War Blogle Tailgate 2014 in Auburn, AL) https://www.swarmapp…
  • Your SEC winners today: all of them except Vandy.
  • Weather delay induced bedtime. WE @CloudySunshine_: @WarBlogle where was the “We just KILLED Arkansas! War Eagle!” video from @BabyBlogle?
  • Raise the flag. WE @TTuberville Enjoyed visiting with Auburn players at the 2004 National Championship reunion.
  • Kirk and Desmond say Auburn will beat San Jose State by more than Alabama will beat FAU. The Oregon Duck and Corso say Bama and are stupid.
  • I took that. Come get some. WE @GPBrewing: That’s a pretty good lookin view right there. @ Auburn University
  • YAWL, look what @KendaLLayne made me. It’s my own little #GUSBUS! Totes adorbs! #auburn
  • Great question. WE @wmarschke: @WarBlogle what is the AU hype song this year?
  • Saint Joseph is not a state. #auburn #wareagle (@ Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, AL w/ @kdsplawn @choward024) https://www.swarmapp…
  • The ovation for Tommy Tuberville moments ago. Real talk, I teared up. #auburn #wareagle @ Jordan–Hare…
  • So cool to see the 2004 National Champions on Pat Dye Field today. Even cooler is that a good many are in the NFL 10 years later. #auburn
  • ESPN2 really maximizing advertising opportunities tonight. #auburn
  • For the first time in Auburn history I’m sure, the 1st halves of Auburn’s 1st two games have ended with FG attempts. One made, one missed.
  • That Leonard Flournette sure looks like he’s gonna be a humble fella.
  • “Machinehead” in Jordan-Hare Stadium is almost as cool as #RAGE in Jordan-Hare Stadium would be. More of that please, @AuburnTigers.
  • At this point, I’d really like to see Tucker Tuberville get in and run the offense in front of his dad. #auburn #wareagle
  • Auburn beats San Jose State 59-13. I predicted 52-10. I’ll never doubt you again, Gus. #wareagle
  • “We KILLED Arkansas and San Jose State.” –@BabyBlogle #auburn #wareagle
  • Auburn beat San Jose State by 46. Alabama beat FAU by 41. Wrong again, Oregon Duck and Corso. @CollegeGameDay
  • So from what I can tell, you that watched at home absolutely loved ESPN’s new Film Room feature during the game?
  • 2-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #bedtimepoetry

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AUFan 09/08/2014 at 3:48 pm

Espn Film Room = worst idea ever

michael david 09/09/2014 at 7:13 pm

Hated hated hated the film room. 46 inch tv became useless


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