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Thayer Evans Live “Chat” Transcript

Earlier today, in what could and should have been a great public forum for Auburn fans to voice their opinions directly to smear-columnist Thayer Evans, FoxSports hosted a live chat. However, it was anything but a live chat. It was a chance for Thayer Evans to cherry-pick questions that he would be able to spin and use to continue to make his ridiculous points from his earlier posts.

I had multiple people tell me that they posted over twenty questions and not one showed up on the screen. To say this “chat” was moderated would be entirely accurate, with multiple named sources confirming. So unfortunately, the transcript isn’t that great, but there are a few funny posts by some Auburn fans that did get through. Were you one of the lucky few? Call it out in the comments.

12:00 Thayer Evans

Welcome folks. Let’s talk some college football.

12:00 Comment From Guest

did cam cheat

12:01 Thayer Evans

Glad you all have stopped by.


Please keep the questions clean folks

12:01 Thayer Evans

Guest, thanks for the question.

12:02 Thayer Evans

In case you missed my article late Monday, Cameron Newton had three different instances of academic cheating while at Florida.

12:03 Thayer Evans

So to answer your question, yes, Cameron Newton did cheat.

12:04 Thayer Evans

There’s obviously a lot of allegations surrounding Newton and his father, Cecil Newton Sr. right now.

12:05 Thayer Evans

If they were honest about their past, the scrutiny would subside, but they continue not to address certain situations.

12:06 Comment From auburn

why do you have so much hatred for cam newton?

12:07 Thayer Evans

Auburn, thanks for the question. I don’t have “so much hatred” for Cameron Newton.

12:08 Thayer Evans

Regarding my report about Newton’s academic cheating at Florida, I simply wrote the truth.

12:09 Thayer Evans

If that’s “hatred” in your opinion, then so be it. But it’s not. Just the truth.

12:10 Comment From FutureMrs.CamNewton

Would you like to reveal your sources? I think a lot of us are doubting the credibility of your story/stories

12:12 Thayer Evans

FutureMrs.CamNewton, good question.My source obviously didn’t want his or her name revealed.

12:14 Thayer Evans

And as much as some would like to berate my source and I up for allegedly not being truthful, Cameron Newton could simply resolve the matter by answering whether or not he cheated at Florida.

12:15 Thayer Evans

It’s really that simple. So here’s the question for him: Did you or did you not cheat academically at Florida? I eagerly await his answer.

12:17 Comment From TL

Will Alabama win out?

12:19 Thayer Evans

TL, thanks for the question. I do think that Alabama wins out in its remaining regular season games against Mississippi State, Georgia State and yes, Auburn.

12:19 Thayer Evans

Obviously, the biggest of those games is the Iron Bowl on Nov. 26. That’s a home game for Alabama aginst Auburn.

12:20 Thayer Evans

I simply think that Alabama’s defense will be too much for Auburn and Cameron Newton.

12:21 Thayer Evans

With Alabama playing an easy game the week before against Georgia State, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban will have two weeks to prepare a defensive scheme for Cameron Newton.

12:22 Thayer Evans

I don’t think that Alabama stops him per say, but I do think it slows him down enough to win and knock the Tigers out of the national title hunt.

12:22 Comment From Stop Pretending

When will the NCAA finally comment on this?

12:23 Thayer Evans

Stop Pretending, that’s the million dollar question or in this case the $180,000 or $200,000 question.

12:24 Thayer Evans

The NCAA is painstakingly slow in its investigations.

12:25 Thayer Evans

It’s actually significantly understaffed in terms of investigators versus the number of institutions that it oversees.

12:26 Thayer Evans

As shown in the Reggie Bush saga, it can sometimes take years for the NCAA to do anything.

12:27 Thayer Evans

So don’t expect any action quickly by the NCAA. It’s going to be a while.

12:27 Comment From gary

should Noter Dame’s Coach be fired

12:28 Thayer Evans

Gary, Brian Kelly should absolutely not be fired at Notre Dame.

12:28 Comment From Mikey

auburns off the week b4 the iron bowl so theyll have 2 weeks to prepare for the 3rd best defense in the league they already beat the first and second best

12:29 Thayer Evans

I’ll be the first to say that I had expected the Fighting Irish to make a bowl this season, but with their 4-5 record and games left against Utah, Army and at USC, that looks unlikely.

12:30 Thayer Evans

What people don’t realize is how bad of shape the program was in when Kelly took over.

12:30 Thayer Evans

Charles Weis, who Kelly replaced, didn’t do him any favors.

12:30 Comment From AU

What is Auburn’s record in Tuscaloosa? I will help, Alabama has only beaten Auburn at home once…ever

12:31 Thayer Evans

The culture of Notre Dame has to be completely revamped. A sense of entitlement was a problem there.

12:31 Thayer Evans

Kelly’s trying to change that, but it’s harder than it sounds.

12:32 Thayer Evans

He’s the right man for the job. Just give him time.

12:32 Comment From John

Under Brian Kelly a student died due to his negligence.  Why has he not been fired?

12:33 Thayer Evans

But again, if you had told me that Notre Dame wouldn’t make a bowl at the start of the season, I would have told that would be a disappointment because I think Kelly’s that a good of a coach.

12:33 Comment From MadDog

Notre Dame will never be the same. The SEC and PAC 10 will forever dominate the recruiting over the entire country.

12:33 Comment From Guest

Run Thayer Run,  we are onto you…lol

12:35 Comment From MadDog

Look where Penn St., Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame are in the standings. These teams will need a lot more than a coaching overhaul to make it in this league again!

12:35 Thayer Evans

Guest, almost signed off the chat because of that comment. Very. Funny.

12:37 Comment From BucTide

Do you think all the info about Cam is out by now or do you expect more to be released?

12:38 Thayer Evans

BucTide, we’ll just have to see.

12:38 Thayer Evans

A lot of that will probbaly depend on whether or not the Newtons have been honest.

12:39 Comment From Patrick

Oh you’ll answer the Alabama fan’s questions? That’s cute.

12:40 Comment From auburn60


12:40 Thayer Evans

Patrick, thanks for your support.

12:41 Thayer Evans

Auburn60, I’ve said all season that Kellen Moore should win the Heisman regardless of the latest with the Cameron Newton situation.

12:42 Comment From mike

alabama iron bowl champs 2010 ?

12:42 Thayer Evans

He’s without a doubt the most outstanding player in college fotball.

12:43 Comment From Scott Farr

The Heisman is for the player that is the most valuable to his team. That is Cam…hands down…no question.

12:43 Thayer Evans

Actually, he should have won it last year.

12:43 Comment From WarEagle

Kellen Moore???

12:43 Comment From jj

lol…. you are crazy! Cameron is WITHOUT a doubt the most outstanding player!!!!

12:43 Comment From Robert

Cam has done more against harder teams

12:44 Comment From Guest

also, boise state doesn’t have any difficult matchups. isurprised that they are still so high in the rankings.

12:44 Comment From Guest

When you compare stats of both Newton and Moore, there is no comparison.  Newton is the best player in college footbal, hands down!  It’s easy to put up numbers against cup cakes week-in and week-out.

12:44 Comment From gary

kellen Moore stats is no where near Cam Newtons

12:44 Comment From Guest

K. Moore is not the best college FB player or most outstanding!

12:44 Thayer Evans

He’s on pace for over 3,500 passing yards with 32 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions.

12:45 Comment From Guest

are you serious? Cam Newton on Boise would average 250 on the ground AND 350 through the air against that joke of a schedule

12:45 Comment From All In AU

Moore is nowhere near the player that Cam Newton is

12:45 Comment From Barry

newton already has 35 tds, so…yeah

12:45 Comment From Tommy

Cam Newton can order Chik-Fil-A on Sunday.  Case closed.

12:45 Thayer Evans

If he’s around that statistically and keeps Boise State undefeated in regular season, give him the award.

12:46 Thayer Evans

And if he somehow gets Boise State in the BCS title game, it should be automatic.

12:46 Comment From AuburnSass

My grandma could keep Boise undefeated

12:46 Comment From Aub

The award isn’t given, it’s earned. Cam earned it.

12:47 Comment From Mike

Boise will not go to the BCS game.  They will probably lose to Nevada

12:47 Comment From Jonathon

TCU will get into BCS and Boise will be playing in San Fran

12:47 Thayer Evans

All in Au, really on Moore being “nowhere near the player that Cam Newton is?” They’re not even close in terms of passing. Moore is way better.

12:49 Comment From David

Jesus you’re a moron. Just not a fan of the SEC, hmm?

12:49 Comment From patrick

what would kellen moore do in the sec? nothing near what cam is doing this year.

12:50 Thayer Evans

David, from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.

12:50 Comment From AUFan

Kellen Moore would get his teeth knocked out in the SEC

12:50 Comment From wareagle

kellen more couldn’t even start for vandy

12:50 Thayer Evans

Here’s the deal: you know how this works, there’s a lot at stake for the mighty SEC.

12:50 Thayer Evans

With Alabama having lost twice, now the conference is in danger of not having a team in the BCS title game for the first time since 2006 if the Crimson Tide beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Nov. 26 as I expect.

12:51 Comment From mike

kellen moore is 6′ and 187# … he wouldn’t last a month in the SECW.

12:51 Comment From Mynor

2001 called, they want their hairstyle back.

12:51 Thayer Evans

So there’s a lot of SEC-backed spin out there about the Newton situation. Notice those in the media who are the most defensive and outraged by it work for companies that have a business relationship with the SEC or are folks whose own livelihood is made off SEC football.

12:52 Comment From lisa w

we wll know who u will vote for now

12:52 Comment From Jack W

are you aware you are in the VAST minority thinking kellen moore is the best player in college football?

12:54 Thayer Evans

Jack W, that doesn’t really bother me. I’m an independent thinker.

12:54 Comment From sears

Cam > Tebow….enough said

12:54 Thayer Evans

Some folks should try that, it’s rather refreshing.

12:54 Comment From AU FAMILY


12:55 Comment From BAR NYC

Passing –Kellen – 2372 yards 21TDs 4INTs    Cam – 1890 yds 19TDs 5 INTS  Looks pretty close.   Rushing Kellen – minus 24 0TDs Cam – 1146 yards and 15 TDS.  Not close

12:55 Comment From AU0103

Boise in the BCSCG?  Get real….they trail TCU by a mile in the standings and TCU plays 2 easy teams…they aren’t going to catch up.

12:56 Comment From indepent thinker

Cam Newton is awesome

12:56 Comment From Neal

At least Moore has a TD reception….oh wait.

12:56 Comment From Swaterbucks

Kelleen is the best legal player LOL

12:57 Comment From Kellen Moore

If I could vote it would be for Cam Newton!!!!

12:57 Comment From Jason

Kelleen is the best HS player, hands down!!!!

12:57 Thayer Evans

AU0103, that’s not necessarily the case.

12:57 Comment From Repentent Stinker

Cam will be awesome up in Canada!

12:58 Comment From Guest

Kellen Moore = Justin Bieber of football

12:58 Comment From WAREAGLE

Cam Newton is anazing football player and person! WAR DAMN EAGLE…FAMILY ALL IN!!!

12:58 Comment From g

cameron= vice young with a better arm

12:59 Comment From Kellen Moore

Justin Bieber??? really?

12:59 Comment From AUFan

Boise State paid Kellen Moore $30 to come play for them.

1:00 Thayer Evans

Boise State could end up passing TCU based on the computers.


We are about to wrap up our chat. Get those last questions in

1:00 Thayer Evans

Remember, the Broncos still have four games left. TCU just has two.

1:00 Comment From Guest

Auburn will prevail.

1:00 Comment From Auburn  Alum

Cam is great

1:00 Comment From Gene Chizik

Cam is eligible!

1:00 Comment From Cam

Kellen Moore is so good lol jk

1:01 Thayer Evans

Boise State’s remaining opponents are better overall than TCU’s. Broncos could very well still leapfrog Horned Frogs.

1:01 Comment From Unnamed Source


1:02 Comment From patrick

tcu is playing a team next week with 2 wins in 2 years

1:02 Thayer Evans

Unnamed Source, indeed, WAR EAGLE!


Thanks for chatting folks.


Make sure to join us next Thursday at 1 p.m. ET

1:03 Thayer Evans

Thanks for the questions and comments. Look forward to more next Thursday.

1:03 Thayer Evans

Enjoy the games and make sure to follow me on Twitter at ThayerEvansfox.

1:04 Thayer Evans

Later for now.

I have now posted two 2000+ word posts in the same day. Wow.

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TxWarEagle 11/11/2010 at 4:09 pm

Nope. I had 5 separate comments/questions that didn’t make it through the filter, though.

sleepysurfer 11/11/2010 at 10:06 pm

i didn’t understand the filter. several people had comments that made thayer look like a bigger idiot than he actually is (hard to imagine, i know!). but my questions didn’t make the chat either.
1. why have you been dodging interviews all week?
2. why were you hospitalized?
3. how can i obtain copies of your medical records?
4. do you even have a degree?

Avatar photo
wluker17 11/11/2010 at 11:12 pm

had i not been in a meeting again, my question would have been:
Is it true that your “journalism degree” was written on the back of a napkin from a bar in tuscaloosa?

KrisKinnus 11/13/2010 at 2:03 pm

“I was hospitalized because Cameron Newton came to the FoxSports headquarters and hit me with his motor scooter. In an obvious and malicious attack, Newton then stopped his scooter, dismounted, and broke the framed, life-sized impressionist painting of Kellen Moore that had been working on for months during my 6-hour work breaks. Newton’s license for said scooter was also a month passed due for renewal.” – Thayer Evans FoxSports


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