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Funding Home Upgrades with Basketball?

Buying a home is a life achievement many people dream about. Unfortunately, it comes with lots of drawbacks, including the unexpected expenses. Maybe your boiler stops working on the coldest night of winter. The bath faucet breaks, and suddenly there’s water everywhere. Even without the need for a sudden repair, other expenses can hit fairly quickly too. A 2017 GoCompare studyamong UK homeowners found 26% of UK homeowners invested in a garden makeover over a five year period. The same study found 34% of homeowners investing in a new boiler or central cooling system. Home upgrades are ubiquitous among homeowners. What’s not, though, is the savings to manage them. One study found 27% of homeowners would use credit to pay for their home improvements. If you’re not interested in going that route, though, basketball might come in handy.

Two Seemingly Foreign Concepts

What exactly does a sport have to do with renovating your home? It might not seem like the two ideas are connected, but for some, betting on sports like racing or basketball could turn into a serious profit. Big names like Tony Bloom did it for years, and quite successfully, even beginning their own companies to help others out who were interested in added cash.

While it was once fairly tough to bet on games outside the office pool, websites like Betway have changed that. Betway is an online website that you can use to bet on the sports teams you favor.

There are literally dozens of sports you can bet on and hundreds of teams. You can bet on everything from tennis to F1 racing and darts to handball. And, of course, there are the classic sports to bet on like basketball.

Betting on Basketball

Are you someone who loves basketball? Does March Madness make you vibrate with excitement? Do you think you know enough to make informed bets? Then betting on basketball may be the best sport for you to connect with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into NBA, WNBA or teams in Italy, Germany or Poland, Betway offers the most competitive basketball odds in the industry.

Let’s talk a little bit about using your knowledge to your advantage. You’re a huge basketball fan, and you think you know who would win in a game between, let’s say, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. You think Steph Curry is amazing but you’re pretty sure that James Harden is going to put Steph in his place. You check out the betting and realize that the Warriors are the favorite to win, which means that the Rockets are the underdogs. This is fantastic for you because you’ll be able to bet on your favorite team and win some cash for your home upgrades.

What about if the Rockets were the favorite to win? You could still win some money but it wouldn’t be nearly as much as you’d win if you bet on the underdog. One way to earn serious cash in this type of situation is to bet on the point spread. This means that each team has to get a certain amount of points to win, depending on the spread. The favorite team, for example, may have something like -7 next to their name for a point spread bet. This means that whatever score they wind up with you have to subtract 7 points, this means that have to get a really good score in order to “win” at a point spread bet.

It’s true that there can be a lot to learn when it comes to betting on sports, but the good news is that websites like Betway will help you to learn how to bet and what you should bet on. A good book site wants you to understand what you’re betting on. If you bet right, and do your research, you’ll be able to make the amount of money that you need in order to upgrade your home and turn it into the dream home you’ve always dreamed of.

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