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Jarrett Stidham Optimistic About His Recovery

Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham recently commented on the surgery that has kept him on the sidelines for much of the spring. It has come to light that the surgery was to address a deeper problem of a torn labrum and not simply for off-season cleanup purposes. After the A-Day spring game on Saturday, Stidham confirmed that he contracted the injury much earlier in Week 4. While he was experiencing some pain, the injury on his non-throwing arm never stopped him from seeing the season through. He was in fact able to complete the season with great game stats that included some 18 touchdowns.

The quarterback now says that his key aim is to recover fully and get back to his normal duties during the summer. He says that so far, he feels that the recovery is going on well. Jarrett Stidham is definitely a key component of the team and his status can be an easy way to determine the online odds for Auburn football games. During the A-Day game on Saturday, a lot of progress was visible compared to February and March when he was struggling through the practice.

The past week was also great for the rising star since he was able to successfully participate in a 7-on-7 period. Speaking of the past week events, he had nothing but positive news. He said that being part of the team was a great thing for both him and the fans.

Coach Gus Malzahn also seems to be very enthusiastic about the young star. The coach said that he trusted Stidham and his ability to manage his condition on the field. He also said that he would not have had any reservations even if the Saturday game was a regular season game, it is only that he wanted the quarterback to recover.

As for Stidham, he is comfortable with the decisions of his coach. He even said that being on the sidelines with the coach helped him connect with his coach and also get his perspective. He added that his commitment to the game was, however, something that would always be there despite his health condition.

Stidham also got the opportunity to cheer on some of the younger members of the team after the 7-on-7 was over. Quarterbacks Joey Gatewood and Malik Willis were both having a rough time on the field and Stidham’s encouragement was much welcome.

The period game was quite the reflection of the Tigers performance during the spring. Most of the team’s players have been suffering from injuries and they were out of the A-Day game. Strong players including Chandler Cox, Kam Martin, and Ryan Davis were also benched by the coach as a precaution. Despite that, Stidham is not pessimistic at all. It is only a matter of time before he gets back to the team.

Stidham said that he was impressed with what the team had achieved despite the challenges. He reckoned that a lot of work and effort were still needed but that the future was definitely bright. Speaking of the future, the young star mentioned that 2018 is a year which the team has great prospects for.

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