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Auburn QB Battle: Sean White Ready to Take on Jarrett Stidham

Who do you think will take the Auburn Quarterback Competition? That is all everyone seems to care about these days and for good reason. The answer to that question will affect the updated college football odds for the season.

Sean White could become a favorite and for all the right reasons. Auburn fans probably took note of the athlete’s Instagram picture as he celebrated Auburn’s recent victory. The picture showed a superstar in the making, one that was ready to take on a whole new challenge and probably come out ahead.

The Auburn QB Challenge is no joke. And it is easy to see how someone of White’s talent would be the underdog in the competition. Though Sean White hasn’t allowed the seemingly poor odds to distract him from his work.

White has been hard at work this summer. The Tigers Camp starts on the 31st of July. White has spent every opportunity available to train with Coach Ken Mastrole. The longtime quarterback coach is exactly what White needs to get in shape.

The six-foot athlete has already added fifteen pounds to the two hundred pounds he posted last year. With the intensity of the workouts White was seen pursuing in recent days, he just might beat the odds and come out on top.

Mastrole had nothing but kind words for White. He was impressed with White’s work ethic and his determination to keep pushing his body. Mastrole confirmed what everyone knows, that White was looking and feeling good, and more than ready to compete.

White knows how to focus on the task at hand. The hype surrounding the QB competition and the opinions of analysts and fans alike are unlikely to get to him. If he is the professional that Mastrole has described, then he should easily block all that hullaballoo out and focus on getting physically ready for the rigors waiting ahead.

You can expect White to give it his whole. And it isn’t just because he loves Auburn. Sean White didn’t just stumble into his current position. He worked hard to get where he is. So all his critics should know that White will do everything to make sure that his hard work pays off; the hours spent in the weight room are definitely paying off.

White really seems much thicker this year. Of course, that might not be enough to save him from Jarrett Stidham whose performance this spring was nothing short of excellent. No one would complain if Jarrett became a Heisman candidate. With his performance, he definitely deserves.

And while Gus Malzahn seems certain that White will give Jarrett a run for his money, one cannot help but wonder whether White has effectively resolved the issue with his broken forearm. It isn’t always easy getting back up after an injury. The body doesn’t always respond the same way.

If White doesn’t put his best foot forward, he will be demolished. Guz cannot complain. He has a rich offering of quarterbacks to choose from. It is the sort of depth that most teams never enjoy. And White is young. Failure at the Tiger’s camp will not necessarily close all the doors to his future.

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