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Ranking the SEC after Week 7

There are some big moves in this week’s poll. Most of them were expected. We just had to wait until just the right time, like losing by 39 at home. There were many teams on bye weeks, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t move some spots (see: Auburn).


1. Alabama (7-0)

The Tide pummeled Tennessee as we knew they would. I was glad to see the Vols lose again, but now we’re acting like Alabama could beat NFL teams. Slow down. It was your overhyped Tennessee.

(Last week: #1, beat Tennessee 49-10)

2. Texas A&M (6-0)

The Aggies got a break before traveling to Tuscaloosa next week. They are better than Tennessee, but not too much better. They’ll probably by lose by 29 rather than 39.

(Last week: #2, Bye week)

3. Auburn (4-2)

The Tigers didn’t play last week, but moved up in every major poll. Considering this poll is as major as it gets, they’re moving up here, too. Yes, I think Auburn could or has beaten every team below.

(Last week: #4, Bye week)

4. LSU (4-2)

I am still a little iffy on Orgeron’s LSU, but they have handled two lesser opponents as they should… other than being tied with Southern Miss at halftime, which is why I’m still iffy.

(Last week: #5, beat Southern Miss 45-10)

5. Arkansas (5-2)

The Razorbacks exposed Ole Miss’s weaknesses and got the home crowd in it. I don’t think they are THAT good, but right now they look okay.

(Last week: #7, beat Ole Miss 34-30)

6. Ole Miss (3-3)

Admittedly, I was keeping the Rebels near the top because of what we thought they were. Their two losses were to top 15 teams, so they weren’t that bad, were they? Well, they looked sort of lost in Fayetteville, and that record ain’t looking too sporty right now.

(Last week: #3, lost to Arkansas 34-30)

7. Tennessee (5-2)

Yes, it was to Alabama, but I loved watching that loss. Get comfortable, Vols.

(Last week: #6, lost to Alabama 49-10)

8. Florida (5-1)

I do think Florida is better than Tennessee, but it’s still too early to bump them ahead, given that loss to the Vols and all.

(Last week: #8, beat Missouri 40-14)

9. Georgia (4-3)

Georgia is not good. So why do I still have them out of the cellar? I can’t put any of those teams any higher than they are. Yes, that includes the Vandy that just beat them.

(Last week: #9, lost to Vanderbilt 17-16)

10. Mississippi State (2-4)

The Maroons looked like they were going to show the nation that SEC bad is still better than BYU good. Nope. Embarrassment again.

(Last week: #11, lost to BYU 28-21)

11. Kentucky (3-3)

The Wildcats didn’t play and they moved up a spot? Yeah, I got tired of keeping Missouri out of the bottom.

(Last week: #12, Bye week)

12. Vanderbilt (3-4)

The Commodores beat Georgia and they’re here? Here’s the dilemma: Kentucky JUST beat Vandy last week, and I can’t say Kentucky is better than Georgia. It’s one of those things where I’ll ignore head-to-head later in the season.

(Last week: #13, beat Georgia 17-16)

13. Missouri (2-4)

Missouri’s two wins are to Eastern Michigan and Delaware State. I’ve been quiet on this the last few weeks, but it’s back: GET THEM OUT OF THE SEC.

(Last week: #10, lost to Florida 40-14)

14. South Carolina (2-4)

Sorry, Gamecocks. It is what it is.

(Last week: #14, Bye week)

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