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Ranking the SEC after Week 6

Only one change in the ranking this week, and it’s at the bottom. Does this mean last week didn’t show much or that I’ve just already figured it all out? It’s the first one because things haven’t played out yet for Auburn’s return. Oh, but it will.


1. Alabama (6-0)

You’ll never guess what happened. Alabama slowly and methodically beat a team that wasn’t as good as them and ended up winning by a good margin. But giving up 30 points? Hmmm….

(Last week: #1, beat Arkansas 49-30)

2. Texas A&M (6-0)

If there was another undefeated team in the SEC besides the Aggies and the Tide, the Aggies would be under them as well. Last week, Tennessee gave Texas A&M six — SIX — turnovers in regulation and the Aggies still needed double overtime to win. A good team would’ve beaten mediocre Tennessee by 30.

(Last week: #2, beat Tennessee 45-38)

3. Ole Miss (3-2)

The Rebels were off, and the more I think about them, the more I want to drop them. But below who? There’s only one team at this point.

(Last week: #3, Bye week)

4. Auburn (4-2)

The Tigers are squarely in the 4th spot, as they have been for many weeks, ready to pounce on one of these three teams ahead of them. They are going into the bye week feeling good and just waiting on somebody to fall.

(Last week: #4, beat Mississippi State 38-14)

5. LSU (3-2)

The Purple Tigers didn’t play because of a Hurricane, and it may help them or hurt them in the long run. I’m wary of this spot after looking over their resume, namely how Auburn dismantled Mississippi State while LSU held on to a 3-point win. We’ll see how long this lasts.

(Last week: #5, Postponed)

6. Tennessee (5-1)

The ONLY reasons the Volunteers are still this high is because nobody below them is that great and they were able to at least force overtime last week. A blowout by Alabama this week will knock them down to where they belong.

(Last week: #6, lost to Texas A&M)

7. Arkansas (4-2)

Arkansas was able to score some points on the vaunted Alabama defense. But it doesn’t matter if you give up 49. The Razorbacks are as middle of the pack as they’ve always been.

(Last week: #7, lost to Alabama 49-30)

8. Florida (4-1)

I don’t know how good Florida is when they have their starting quarterback. Supposedly he’s going to be back this week. But I do know their AD used a hurricane to better their football situation.

(Last week: #8, Postponed)

9. Georgia (4-2)

Georgia ran back an onside kick to beat the worst team in the SEC by 14. That’s right, they had a real chance to lose to the worst team in the SEC. But they’ve already done that against Nicholls, so were we expecting any different?

(Last week: #9, beat South Carolina 28-14)

10. Missouri (2-3)

The Tigers were off this week, so it’s tough to move them. They travel to Gainesville this week. They’ll probably drop after that.

(Last week: #10, Bye week)

11. Mississippi State (2-3)

The Maroons were worse than I thought. It might not be good there for a while.

(Last week: #11, lost to Auburn 38-14)

12. Kentucky (3-2)

I knew the Wildcats would win the Cellar Bowl. I picked it. I promise.

(Last week: #13, beat Vanderbilt 20-13)

13. Vanderbilt (2-4)

Just when the Commodores start to look not terrible, they lose to a basketball school.

(Last week: #12, lost to Kentucky 20-13)

14. South Carolina (2-4)

You had your shot against Georgia, but until you do something besides lose, you’ll stay here.

(Last week: #14, lost to Georgia 28-14)

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