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Highlights of Auburn’s 61-60 Win Over Texas Southern

In what was one of the more infuriating basketball performances this side of the Mississippi, Auburn was able to pull out a 61-60 win over Texas Southern yesterday.

But don’t let that name or that 2-9 record fool you. These Tigers from the south of the Lone Star state beat then-ranked Michigan State just a few days ago and have played a bevy big names this season. They’ve also only played one home game in two seasons. Yes, you read that correctly.

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AUjamstan 12/24/2014 at 2:43 pm

The reason it was infuriating is that Texas Southern is actually well coached and much better than anyone is giving them credit for. Sure we were in “let down” mode after the big Xavier win, but they were guarding KT closely at the arc to keep him out of rhythm. It worked. Much of our bad play was out of frustration for being checked, poked and messed with through the entire game. I hope we took notes! They did not upset MSU by a fluke. That was NOT a cupcake game. That was the Kansas State game in FB.


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