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Week 7 Predictions: The Spreads Are Low

Auburn has a virtual off weak of this week, but the other games are pretty good. There are some nice SEC games that should throw a kink in things, so that’s always fun.

Right now my predictions are hitting at a 87.5% click, but let’s just never ever let me bet against the spread, okay? Someone promise me they’ll never let me do it for money. Please? Probably better than yours, though. No? Well prove it.

Last Week: 12-1 (92.3%), ATS at 6-6 (50.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 11-2 (84.6%)
This Week: 11-2 (84.6%), ATS at 0-0 (0.0%)
EA NCAA 14: 9-4 (69.2%)

Overall: 81-12 (87.1%), ATS at 33-35 (48.5%)
EA NCAA 14: 69-24 (74.2%)


Missouri at Georgia (-7.5) – This has become the sexy upset pick because Georgia has no more football players  and Missouri hasn’t lost a game. Missouri has played 4 non-conference games and Vanderbilt. That’s why they haven’t lost a game. Yes, I would love to see Georgia lose, but that does nothing for Auburn. If Missouri loses, it means Auburn will for sure be ranked next week since currently Missouri is 25th and Auburn is 26th in the AP poll. Shallow, I know. EA has it about right.

EA: Georgia 37, Missouri 32 – FAILURE
WB: Georgia 35, Missouri 31 – FAILURE

Missouri 41, Georgia 26

South Carolina (-6) at Arkansas – Arkansas is very weird to me right now. They lose to Rutgers, but then semi-hang with Texas A&M for a bit, then didn’t really threaten Florida. South Carolina may or may not have Jadaveon Clowney, but it shouldn’t matter. EA is on point so far.

EA: South Carolina 27, Arkansas 20 – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 31, Arkansas 14 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina 52, Arkansas 7

Florida at LSU (-6.5) – I’m not high on Florida at all this year. They have a meh offense and don’t seem to score more than 24 points a game. They do have a pretty good defense, but I think LSU should be able to score them. It should be a semi-blowout.

EA: LSU 34, Florida 16 – SUCCESS!
WB: LSU 38, Florida 20 – SUCCESS!

LSU 17, Florida 6

Alabama at Kentucky (-27.5) – Some Kentucky dude guaranteed that they will score some points on Alabama and people acted like he said he’s going to slit Saban’s throat on the 50-yard line. We’re talking about a college football team, people. Chill out. Kentucky will score points Alabama. I guarantee it. Come at me.

EA: Alabama 45, Kentucky 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 30, Kentucky 13 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 48, Kentucky 7

Bowling Green at Mississippi State (-10) – Welp, Mississippi State. At least we got that excitement out a little earlier this season.

EA: Mississippi State 49, Bowling Green 3 – SUCCESS!
WB: Mississippi State 31, Bowling Green 10 – SUCCESS!

Mississippi State 21, Bowling Green 20

Texas A&M (-6) at Ole Miss – And here’s another weird line. Yeah, Ole Miss was a play away from beating the Aggies last year, but haven’t we learned that Ole Miss’s offense really ain’t all that? Oh yeah, Texas A&M’s defense. It’ll be close for a while because college football is weird, but then it won’t.

EA: Texas A&M 38, Ole Miss 10 – SUCCESS!
WB: Texas A&M 38, Ole Miss 21 – SUCCESS!

Texas A&M 41, Ole Miss 38

Western Carolina at Auburn (-43) – Check my game preview tomorrow for my prediction, but as for EA, they are certifiably on crack.

EA: Auburn 20 “FCS East” 16 – SUCCESS!
WB: Auburn 56, Western Carolina 3 – SUCCESS!

Auburn 62, Western Carolina 3

And now for the national games to fill out the pick ’em slate…

Rutgers at Louisville (-19) (10/10) – Louisville continues their murderers’ row en route to an undefeated season that ends in a pointless BCS bowl game.

EA: Louisville 42, Rutgers 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Louisville 36, Rutgers 10 – SUCCESS!

Louisville 24, Rutgers 10

Oklahoma (-13.5) at Texas – I haven’t thought about Oklahoma one time this year so Big Game Bob definitely has the excitement going in Norman. Doesn’t matter, though. He could win with me an Sam Bradford, and only me and Sam Bradford.

EA: Oklahoma 42, Texas 28 – FAILURE
WB: Oklahoma 49, Texas 7 – FAILURE

Texas 36, Oklahoma 20

Baylor (-17.5) at Kansas State – Baylor has beaten every team they’ve played by 4,000 points, so I’m not sure why the line for this one is so low. Didn’t Kansas State lose to Little Sisters of the Poor? Yes, they did. EA is on crack.

EA: Kansas State 20, Baylor 7 – FAILURE
WB: Baylor 54, Kansas State 14 – SUCCESS!

Baylor 35, Kansas State 25

Oregon (-13.5) at Washington – Same thing with this one. Washington hung with Stanford, but I’m not sure that means that they are that great. Oregon, on the other hand, has been winning by 4,000 points. The line is way too low.

EA: Oregon 30, Washington 24 (OT) – SUCCESS!
WB: Oregon 42, Washington 17 – SUCCESS!

Oregon 45, Washington 24

Stanford (-8) at Utah – This one’s a little interesting to me. Utah is a weird place to play. Stanford barely hung on last week. Upset? Upset. Only because I want it to happen. EA has it right.

EA: Utah 28, Stanford 24 – SUCCESS!
WB: Utah 28, Stanford 24 – SUCCESS!

Utah 27, Stanford 21

Michigan (-2.5) at Penn State – Michigan has skirted by all year. Penn State is usually good for one or two big wins at their place. So yeah, we’ll call this another upset, too. EA doesn’t have the faith.

EA: Michigan 35, Penn State 18 – FAILURE
WB: Penn State 28, Michigan 24 – SUCCESS!

Penn State 43, Michigan 40 (4OT)

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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