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Interesting Tidbits before S. Carolina (Friday Edition)

These ‘bits are brought to you on the eve of Auburn’s biggest game this season, so far. Sadly, they do not live up to the game they are focused on, but if you hate Bammers, you’ll love it.

  • Yesterday, my latest Blogger Roundtable entry was posted. The question was based around the idea of Alabama obviously being the best team in the SEC, and wanted me to rank the rest. You can go read my response, but I basically wrote that if we want to be real and fair, then we don’t really know that Alabama is the best because of the caliber of teams that they have played. Not to mention that we are three games into the season. Apparently, and not surprisingly, the Bammers took this as me saying that Alabama sucks and Auburn is the best team of all time. However, I actually said that Alabama was probably the best, but we really don’t know. My response was just a complaint about how the media gives teams credit just based on their preseason ranking. If you start #1 and play some creampuffs then they continue to call you the best team. They may be, but don’t really know. It really had nothing to do with Alabama, I would say it, and have said it, about any team. Instead of reading what I said, all they saw was something semi-negative about the credit they have been given, and came back with “Oh yeah, well…well…Auburn is terrible. Who have the played?”. I didn’t say anything about Auburn. The question was about Alabama. It is all expected, but they never cease to amaze me. Go read the comments, you’ll see what I mean. You’ll have a headache on the first page.
  • Whew, now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at’s Week 4 Preview.
  • This guy is very, very confident in his Gamecocks.
  • The Auburn secondary wants a pick. Well go get one. I do think that with Auburn loading up against Lattimore, the Tigers will force Garcia to throw. Then we’ll see the real Garcia, and his amazing interception throwing ability.
  • Chris Low asks if you knew, and then tells you what to look for this weekend. He’s very inquisitive and demanding.
  • The Tigers and Gamecocks are playing for respect. Actually, I’m just hoping for a win.
  • Mario Fannin could open up the passing game… as I have said he should all year.
  • Don’t forget to print out your Gameday Fact Sheet.
  • If you’re coming to Auburn, and why wouldn’t you be, make sure you check out the Auburn Gameday site, and then check ya’ tickets.
  • These voting things are kind of getting out of hand, but this is Auburn related so do your part.
  • The guys over at asked me a few questions about this week’s match-up. Have a read.
  • Finally, we have some predictions. Not looking good, or looking good, however you like to look at it: Charles Hollis, Jon Solomon, CFN, Doug Segrest, Pat Dye, Chris Low, Stewart Mandel.

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wluker17 09/24/2010 at 2:51 pm

yeah, Kurt. bammer comments on are definitely some of the most retarded and illogical crap anywhere. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks like a Rhoads Scholar compared to these idiots.


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