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2013 War Blogle Pick ’em Week 3 Results

The third week of college football is over. We are now 1/4th of the way through most teams’ regular season schedule. It’s almost over, you guys. No, but really. It’s just beginning and we’re still giving out prizes.

With 66.7% of his picks being correct against the spread, WarEagleInWisconsin has taken Week 3 of the War Blogle Pick ‘em at That’s pretty sad. 66.7% won? Come on…

Now that you know he is good at a few picking football games, you should follow him to help with future picks. You can also follow my predictions each Thursday. I was 11-2 last week (not against the spread). Nevermind the 6-6 record against the spread.


So go ahead and get your picks in for this week (details on how to join), or wait around and see what I and EA NCAA Football 14 say on Thursday.

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AUChief 09/17/2013 at 4:31 pm

Common I was tied for second you could have cropped 3 spots lower!


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