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Ranking the SEC (after Week 11)

Many moves were made in the poll this week, starting with a few that could get me shot. Oh well, at least I’ll go out a winner… or not.

1. Texas A&M – When the SEC expanded and took in the Aggies, it was said that they wouldn’t be ready to compete in the SEC for a few years. Well, if you go off their program from the past few decades, that was correct and it’s still correct. The difference is that they hired Kevin Sumlin whose offense works perfectly with Johnny Manziel. They are the last team that I want to see Auburn play for the next few years. Therefore, they are the best team in the SEC right now.

2. LSU – The Purple Tigers could make a claim for the top spot given that they dominated Alabama for most of the game two weeks ago and beat Texas A&M a few weeks before that, but again…. Texas A&M scares me the most.

3. Alabama – Sometimes winning the game is not enough for my poll. Alabama should have two losses and their defense has played very poorly the last two weeks. LSU would beat them at least 6 out of 10 times and Texas A&M would win more than that. Blasphemy, I know.

4. Georgia – Blah, blah, blah. You’re a good team. Sometimes.

5. Florida – You’re not great team without Driskel. You almost lost to Missouri and UL-Lafayette. How in the world did you beat Texas A&M?

6. South Carolina – I told you last week. The Gamecocks are going to stay right here for the rest of the season, no matter what happens. This is just their spot, they can’t get any worse and they can’t get any better.

7. Mississippi State – So you were 7-0, 7-1, 7-2, and now 7-3. That was not how you planned it, huh?

8. Vanderbilt – The Commodores are going bowling. The Commodores are going bowling. <cries in corner> The Commodores are going bowling.

9. Ole Miss What else can you say about the Rebels? They are about five spots higher than anybody thought they would be, but still down in the dumps of the SEC. It’s a tough life.

10. Arkansas – You don’t hear much about Arkansas anymore. Their season was over before Auburn’s was and they’ve sort of gone into obscurity for this season. I can’t figure out if I’m jealous or not.

12. Missouri – Nice win this week. Tell us what it feels like.

13. Tennessee – Dooley is gone.

13. Auburn – Did we lose again? Oh, we did? <shrugs>

14. Kentucky – How many different ways can I thank Kentucky for this year? Here’s a new one: due to your sacrifice of being the worst team in the SEC this year and keeping Auburn from gaining that distinction, we’ll let you beat us in basketball. But only once because we play you twice this year. You’re welcome.

If you’d like to, go ahead and put your rankings in the comments below. We can all call each other stupid. It will be fun.

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Dave 11/13/2012 at 8:32 pm

Couldn’t agree more. TAMU has come into the conference strong. After being there at BDS for the game, can only say that playing against Manziel for three more years will suck. I also agree that LSU is the second best team in the conference right now. If there was any good time for y’all to dust off the spread playbook, this is it.

Stan McCullars 11/14/2012 at 1:38 pm

Many thanks to Kentucky!

The only thing I can relate the misery of this season to is the 10 consecutive losses to Bama following our 17-16 victory. Those 10 losses included several under Doug Barfield whose tenure does not seem as bad as it once did.


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