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Week 4 Predictions: Overhype Helpers

Week 3 was much better for getting back on track. There were still some games that I picked with heart overhead, but that’s me.

Last week: 11-3 (78.6%)
This week: 12-0 (100.0%)
Overall: 43-13 (76.8%)

There are a few SEC-on-SEC games this week, but most are just gonna do nothing but overhype the winner. I really am a cynic.


Kent State at Georgia – Nick Saban’s alma mater visits the land of his “how to get away with it” protégé. Georgia plays a lot of day games. Have ya’ll ever noticed that?

Georgia 56, Kent State 7

Georgia 39, Kent State 22 – SUCCESS!

Bowling Green at Mississippi State – Bowling Green is brown and orange. Like the Browns. Mississippi State is maroon and white. Like no other self-respecting team because nobody wants to be those colors.

Mississippi State 45, Bowling Green 13

Mississippi State 45, Bowling Green 14 – SUCCESS!

Florida at Tennessee – I hate both teams. I hope Florida wins by 20 so SEC Network can just spend the night crying its eyes out. The problem is Florida’s Cam Newton wannabe isn’t good. Tennessee has scored a bunch on nobody, but beating Florida will give them much more undue clout.

Tennessee 34, Florida 24

Tennessee 38, Florida 33 – SUCCESS!

Tulsa at Ole Miss – Gus Malzahn was the OC at Tulsa once.

Ole Miss 34, Tulsa 10

Ole Miss 35, Tulsa 27 – SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Texas A&M – Every year, the winner of this game is overhyped. As much as that UF-UT game up there, I want both of these teams lose as well. Arkansas scraped by last week against Missouri State. Texas A&M embarrassingly lost to App State, who needed a Hail Mary to beat Troy. They snuck by a lackluster Miami last week, but that means nothing. Both are middle of the road but got too much preseason hype for people to give up on them. I have no idea.

Texas A&M 20, Arkansas 17

Texas A&M 23, Arkansas 21 – SUCCESS!

Northern Illinois at Kentucky – Northern Illinois beat Alabama once. We aren’t lucky enough for them to beat Kentucky this year, as another SEC East team adds another nothing win to their resumé.

Kentucky 31, Northern Illinois 10

Kentucky 31, Northern Illinois 23 – SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Alabama – If this game was in Nashville… I’d pick Alabama to win by just as much as they’ll win at home. Hey, Auburn gets to go to Nashville next year. That’ll be fun.

Alabama 49, Vanderbilt 14

Alabama 55, Vanderbilt 3 – SUCCESS!

New Mexico at LSU – So LSU got what should’ve been a bad Florida State to start the season, played like trash and lost by an XP. Then they got Southern and came back to beat Mississippi State. Any good team would easily be 3-0. But they aren’t good. They look better after looking not good against Florida State because they’ve had two easily winnable games at home since then. Don’t buy it.

LSU 45, New Mexico 10

LSU 38, New Mexico 0 – SUCCESS!

Charlotte at South Carolina – I just hope Shane Beamer doesn’t have to yell at any women on the field in this one. I’m just kidding, that was ridiculous.

South Carolina 31, Charlotte 13

South Carolina 56, Charlotte 20 – SUCCESS!

Missouri at Auburn – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: one available QB will be a good thing.

Auburn 34, Missouri 13

Auburn 17, Missouri 14 – SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Clemson at Wake Forest – I am not living in world where Wake Forest is a ranked football team for multiple years in a row (they are currently #21). Clemson will end this.

Clemson 27, Wake Forest 13

Clemson 51, Wake Forest 45 – SUCCESS!

Wisconsin at Ohio State – This is a good old fashioned Big Ten game… that Ohio State will likely win by 20+.

Ohio State 34, Wisconsin 10

Ohio State 52, Wisconsin 21 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2022 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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