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Week 10 Predictions: Grading Out Well

I’m pushing a B average, but it’s going to take a few weeks of perfection to get up there for good. Mom Blogle never accepted a C, and I didn’t make one until 11th grade Chemistry. Oh well, she’s just gonna have to get over it in this case. I bet Brando is doing worse than 77%.

Last Week: 5-3
This Week: 7-2

Overall: 84-22 (79.2%)


Texas A&M at Mississippi State – The last time these two teams met was the 2000 Independence Bowl. It snowed a lot. So much that they call it the Snow Bowl. So much that Mississippi State is wearing white uniforms – with a big ugly Bulldog head on their helmets – to honor the game. To honor an appearance in the Independence Bowl. Mississippi State, ladies and gentlemen.

The dream died last week, and it will become a full on nightmare this weekend.

Texas A&M 38, Mississippi State 17

Texas A&M 38, Mississippi State 13SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Kentucky – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. football. Bad football. This is where negative Auburn fans and fans of other schools that make their way over to the ‘Blogle make a comment about how Auburn is playing bad football right now. We’re talking about this game right here, guys.

Vanderbilt 28, Kentucky 7

Vanderbilt 40, Kentucky 0SUCCESS!

Missouri at FloridaRemember, these two teams are in the same division. Their campuses are over 1,000 miles apart. Probably not going to be too many Tiger fans in the Swamp on Saturday morning. The mood will be down since the Gators laid an egg to Georgia, so maybe Missouri has a shot. Nah…

Florida 31, Missouri 10

Florida 14, Missouri 7SUCCESS!

Troy at Tennessee – Has Troy played every team in the SEC but Auburn and Alabama? I remember them almost beating Mississippi State, who barely beat Tennessee. So that means, if were thinking transitively, that Troy may barely beat Tennessee. What would they do to Dooley then? Hang him by his orange pants before he left the field?

Won’t matter, won’t happen.

Tennessee 27, Troy 13

Tennessee 55, Troy 48SUCCESS!

Tulsa at Arkansas -Tulsa has lost one game this season. It was the first game of the season against Iowa State. Since then they have run the table against creampuffs. Arkansas lost a heartbreaker to Ole Miss last week. Hate it for ’em. Not really. Can the Golden Hurricane (yes, singular) do what UL-Monroe did earlier this season and come into the Razorback’s mud pit and win? Probably not.

Arkansas 34, Tulsa 14

Arkansas 19, Tulsa 15SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Georgia – One team is playing better than anyone expected and winning a few games they probably shouldn’t have. One team is playing worse than expected, but still somehow winning games they probably shouldn’t have. Georgia is still the better team even though Aaron Murray blocked me on Twitter.

Georgia 34, Ole Miss 24

Georgia 37, Ole Miss 10SUCCESS!

Alabama at LSU – As much as we all want LSU to win this game, they won’t. LSU has little to no offense. Alabama’s defense is good enough as it is. Mettenberger will be picked off three times, and AJ McCarron will solidify himself as the Heisman favorite. ….  ….  ….  SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! #credibility

LSU 17, Alabama 14

Alabama 21, LSU 17FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Texas at Texas Tech – Tommy T always backs up a bad loss with a big win. The Longhorns aren’t strong enough this year to keep that from happening.

Texas Tech 38, Texas 20

Texas 31, Texas Tech 22FAILURE

Oregon at USC – This is what’s going to happen: we already know Alabama is going to lose while the world rejoices. Then Oregon is going to lose to USC as well, which will open it right back up for Alabama to move back into the national championship game. The world is a cruel place.

But since I can’t be too Debbie Downer with my actual picks, let me be logical.

Oregon 45, USC 35

Oregon 62, USC 51SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Oklahoma at Iowa State – Iowa State, semi-successful with Paul Rhoads coaching Gene Chizik’s recruits, plays well at home when it’s “I can’t feel my face” cold. Well it won’t be that cold this weekend, so there goes that point. I still think Oklahoma gets knocked off after proving that Notre Dame might actually be for real this year.

Iowa State 31, Oklahoma 24

Oklahoma 35, Iowa State 20FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

New Mexico State at Auburn – The optimism, most likely due to the fact that Jonathan Wallace is starting, has returned. There was only one prediction of an Auburn loss, and I think that guy dates his sister. Most predicted Auburn by 20+ points. One predicted Auburn 2, New Mexico State 1. Hey guy, that’s impossible.

Auburn 35, New Mexico State 10

Auburn 42, New Mexico State 7SUCCESS!

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