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Ranking the SEC after Week 10

Unless you’re the top four teams in the ranking (and we could probably remove #4 out of this statement), you either lost or had a bad win this week. This is a rank week for the middle to bottom of the league. Speaking of rank… YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I RANK AUBURN.


1. Alabama (9-0)

Congratulations on playing a team with a current Top 25 vote. Wasn’t so easy was it?

Last week: #1, beat LSU 24-10

2. Georgia (9-0)

The #DWAGS didn’t seem so invincible in a home game against a middle of the pack SEC East opponent.

Last week: #2, beat South Carolina 24-10

3. Auburn (7-2)

Another road trip. Another 40+ points. Another win.

Last week: #3, beat Texas A&M 42-27

4. Mississippi State (7-2)

Can we say looking ahead?

Last week: #4, beat UMass 34-23

5. LSU (6-3)

The Purple Tigers aren’t as terrible as the Troy lost suggests. They aren’t good, but they aren’t “losing to Troy” bad.

Last week: #5, lost at Alabama 24-10

6. Texas A&M (5-4)

And the November free fall continues.

Last week: #6, lost to Auburn 42-27

7. Kentucky (6-3)

This is the Kentucky we know. Last minute loss to 3-win team that just lost to Arkansas? Order up!

Last week: #7, lost to Ole Miss 37-34

8. South Carolina (6-3)

I mean, it’s about what we expected.

Last week: #8, lost at Georgia 24-10

9. Vanderbilt (4-5)

For the first time since Week 3, Vanderbilt won a game.

Last week: #10, beat Western Kentucky 31-17

10. Arkansas (4-5)

The Hawgs needed a last minute touchdown to beat a 1-win team that most didn’t know had a football team.

Last week: #11, beat Coastal Carolina 39-38

11. Ole Miss (4-5)

The Rebs showed some signs of life, but should they need a late touchdown to beat Kentucky?

Last week: #12, beat Kentucky 37-34

12. Missouri (4-5)

Look at you preying on the hurt and weak. I guess I’ll move you up.

Last week: #14, beat Florida 45-16

13. Tennessee (4-5)

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised the Vols didn’t lose or need a late score to win, but UAB did beat Southern Miss by more.

Last week: #13, beat Southern Miss 24-10

14. Florida (3-5)

I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t know it would be this bad.

Last week: #9, lost at Missouri 45-16

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