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Gameday Tweets – UT-Chattanooga

This is the ‘Blogle’s 500th post, if anyone cares.

  • GAMEDAY BABBBYYYYYYYY!!! #auburn #wareagle #
  • I think you miss the point. Actually, I know you do. RT @jonsol Spare me the outrage over Newton story. #
  • RT @AUHD It’s a beautiful, yet cold, gameday in Auburn!  #wareagle #
  • I’ll handle it. RT @ChrisAla13 Must get out of bed. This #Auburn game isn’t gonna cover itself, now is it? #
  • RT @BarrettSallee Amazes me that facts like Newton’s church already having funds & Rogers being investigated were left out of first stories. #
  • RT @BarrettSallee @tracywolfson If the Newton story overshadows CFB today, then people haven’t/won’t examine the numerous holes in it. #
  • Great, now what am I gonna wear? RT @peggyrossmanith Since it’s so very very cold, I’m wearing a white turtleneck and an orange pea coat. #
  • RT @JohnKincade I am floored by the amateurish coverage of this Cam Newton story. Made up scenarios, accusations of lying based on theories. #
  • I believe you were recently labeled an ‘Alabama analyst’. RT @ChrisAla13 Unbiased coverage  RT @WarBlogle I’ll handle it. RT @ChrisAla13 #
  • RT @CameronNewton Notre Dame players now touch a “Play like Cameron Newton today” sign while heading out to the field. #
  • Your winners today: Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and yes, LSU. #sec #
  • RT @evadedave @WarBlogle can we start a petition for espn gameday to change their theme song? I’m tired of getting ching in my chang chang. #
  • RT @AUFAMILY What they thought would tear us apart and distract us from our goals, has only brought us closer together.  #wareagle #
  • Dressing his best too. RT @krisburd Wow Chris Low…..large #thick #
  • Exactly. RT @krisburd I like that @GameDayFootball said nothing about K. Rogers denying it all. #
  • Lemme hold a jacket. #shortsleeves #auburn #
  • Join the students in singing ‘Lean on Me’ after the 1st quarter to show support for the team. #auburn #wareagle #
  • I’m the stadium with my new Trooper Taylor special. #
  • RT @tiffclemons a perfect synopsis of the last 36 hours… courtesy of @warblogle. #auburn #camnewton #wareagle #sec #
  • It happened. RT @wareaglereader Prepare for the loudest applause for a player’s name in the history of starting lineup announcements. #
  • Senior Day stuff about to happen. #professionaltweets #auburn #
  • Referees going NFL-style with the black wind pants today. #
  • Normal hop, skip, and jump from Cam. Dude’s ready. Sorry Mocs. #auburn #wareagle #
  • Yep. RT @jaredwrobertson @WarBlogle wasn’t able to make it to the game today.  Was the applause for Cam ear splitting? #WarEagle #
  • Always. RT @rossenator22 @WarBlogle you at the game today? #
  • Game time. #auburn #wareagle #
  • RT @MBAtoRN Just to clear the air about my family… Get your facts here! Via @warblogle. #auburn #camnewton #wareagle #
  • BCS boycott? RT @ChrisAla13 Two excuses I don’t want to hear:
    1. Cold 2. Early kick.  
    Suck it up. Tell your grandkids you saw Cam play. #
  • RT @ChrisAla13 Ok, so if you can’t see this Auburn game, it looks like an NFL team is playing 12 year-olds. #
  • #Ugly RT @natalie_brown88 #Gay RT @WarBlogle Join the students in singing ‘Lean on Me’ after the 1st quarter to show support for the team. #
  • Almost 500 yards in the first half. No excuse for not eclipsing 750. #giveemhelltigers #
  • Eleventy-billion. RT @TitanSD @warblogle any idea of all-purpose yds for #2 in first  half? #
  • Who wants to bet that Jesse Palmer just wrote a little note after that UTC touchdown? #auburn #
  • Let us all keep in mind that UTC’s touchdowns have come on a kickoff return and Auburn’s backups. #
  • Investigating source of funds? RT @espn4d The upgrades to the stadium here are astonishing. Absolutely deluxe press box and suite area now. #
  • Amateurs. RT @AUPPL Mich-Illinois is the highest scoring FBS game this year. (132 pts) beating AU – Ark (108) Though, UM-UI needed 3 OTS. #
  • Auburn wins 62-24. 10-0! WDE! #wareagle #
  • The way Cam was just running around on the field like a little kid, you can tell he’s really worried about the allegations. #auburn #
  • RT @auburnbeat Cam “I love Auburn and that’s all I got to say. God has blessed me right now… When God be blessin’, the Devil be messin'” #
  • RT @wareagleextra Newton on if he feels differently after everything that’s gone on this week: “I feel 10-0.” #
  • Called t-shirt rights on “When God be blessin’, the Devil be messin'”. It’s mine. Don’t even try it. #auburn #wareagle #
  • And? RT @slmandel Auburn played Chattanooga today. RT @auburnguys Boise plays teams that SEC teams use as Homecoming teams #
  • RT @jzenor Newton: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m an Auburn athlete, and I’m still playing for Auburn. I love Auburn.” #
  • Thanks to Neil Caudle’s long run at the end of the game, Auburn
    has now rushed for over 300 yards in 6 straight games. #wareagle #
  • Who recruited those players?! RT @auburnbeat Upset alert: Paul Rhoads and Iowa State within a touchdown of Nebraska in fourth quarter. #
  • Who recruited those players?! RT @AuburnTigersZRJ @WarBlogle Correction. Iowa St and Neb tied at 24 #
  • RT @Delo03 10-0 WAR EAGLE #
  • Joke. Don’t be THAT guy. RT @griffingulledge @WarBlogle don’t be that guy. #
  • Yes, Les Miles did just pick his gum up off the ground and put it back in his mouth. #ewwwwy #
  • Could have been grass. Either way… RT @WarBlogle Yes, Les Miles did just pick his gum up off the ground and put it back in his mouth. #eww #
  • That Bama sideline looks cold. Can somebody get McElroy his turtleneck please? #bammers #
  • RT @kristimalzahn Loving those early games with a big win!  War Eagle! #
  • You’d think so. RT @AuburnTigersZRJ @WarBlogle Clemson beat #25 NC St, if LSU beats Bama does Auburn jump back to #1 in BCS? #
  • RT @AUPenguin @warblogle Les Miles claps like he just had his nails did. #
  • This morning Lou Holtz said Alabama would play in the national championship game. I think he meant Notre Dame. #
  • By the way, perfect score prediction by the ‘Blogler on that Bama loss. Proof: #bammers #
  • True. RT @thejuiceisgood @WarBlogle AU already is far and away #1 in the CPUs. If Oregon remains #1 in both human polls they’ll stay in BCS. #
  • RT @BMatt247 Auburn will be playing for the SEC West championship next Saturday against Georgia #
  • RT @ChrisVernonShow I thought Alabama was better than they really are. #
  • We have now experienced the second double eagle of the season. #auburn #wareagle #
  • Every ESPN producer just threw stacks and stacks of papers in the trash can. #whatarewegonnatalkaboutnow #bammers #
  • RT @aublakeme The allegations against Cam Newton proved a massive distraction for Alabama this week. #
  • RT @JHokanson “I feel like AU hasn’t faced anyone like me. We’re really going to show them. We’re going to shock the world.” -AJ Green #
  • Boom. Called it. RT @auburnbeat Upon further review, it appeared Les was picking up a piece of gum that he dropped. Not eating grass. #
  • Dumber than you believing it? RT @Culligan27 Dumbest shit ive heard RT @aublakeme Allegations agnst Cam proved a distraction 4 bama this wk. #
  • RT @Z_Etheridge4 Sitting here laughing at A.J Green comment from today! Bring it WDE!!! #
  • RT @Demond_14 So this man just gone say they gone beat auburn next… He has a lot of nerves #realtalk #
  • Video of the players running down the field before for the 4th quarter: #auburn #wareagle #
  • Here’s a question: will human voters give Auburn a boost with LSU’s win over Alabama? #wareagle #
  • Yes. RT @blakebritton @WarBlogle is that some kind of new tradition? #
  • Dang it. RT @auburnbeat Ok I guess it was grass, not gum. My apologies to Les. #
  • RT @cham_i_am @WarBlogle what #bammers & the #sec need 2 realize is that he is watching who’s been naughty & nice. #
  • RT @Uabtodd @WarBlogle on average, AU has rushed for 175 yds more per game than their opponents have allowed their other opponents per game #
  • RT @Uabtodd @WarBlogle in 3 games with common opponents, AU has outrushed UA by 846 yds, or 282 per game average, #fastandfurious who? #
  • RT @KDSplawn 1st caller to Alabama post game- “if we can’t stop Jordan Jefferson, what in the world are we going to do with Cam Newton?” #
  • Arkansas and LSU picks worked out for me……. RT @BarrettSallee So that South Carolina pick really worked out for me…………….. #
  • RT @wareaglereader Total yards vs. LSU: Bama-325, Cam Newton-303. #
  • By 22 points. RT @AUPPL How in the hell did #auburn beat Arkansas? The tigers are a special team. #
  • You didn’t give me a chance to guess. RT @harbabd Quick, tell me the last team to play in a NC game and not make a bowl the next year #Texas #
  • Because the Pac-10 is the measuring stick. RT @slmandel This just in: Stanford is really, really good. … And Oregon put up 52 on them. #
  • RT @AUPPL Seriously, let’s just let the Iron Bowl determine the SEC champ. #auburn #
  • Boom. RT @JHokanson @slmandel Agree on Oregon. And Arkansas is a really, really good team…and Auburn put 65 on them. #
  • RT @joeauburn RT @allsn: to quote a Death Valley sign: “Breathe if you hate Bama!” #
  • Yes, the coveted double eagle. RT @scottfillmer @Philpepe it’s when Auburn wins and Bama looses on the same weekend :) @jon0neal #
  • What shelf are AU’s Ark and LSU wins on? RT @davidpollack47 Oregon only has one quality win but it sure looks to be a top shelf win now. #
  • RT @harbabd I can’t believe that Alabama lost to that overrated LSU team…tell me more Jesse Palmer, we are all ears #
  • RT @JHokanson Yes. SportsCenter anchor Kevin Connors said, “..Newton amid controversy that HE solicited pay for play money.” Speechless. #
  • Mummified tree at Toomer’s. Never stood a chance. #auburn #wareagle #
  • Toomer’s angel: #wareagle #
  • It was just 40 degrees at Toomer’s. Perfect weather for a runny nose, and if you’re wondering, yes I did. #auburn #wareagle #
  • So he voted for Terrell Zachary last year? RT @ChrisAla13 Local sports anchor says he has Heisman vote. Goes to 1 game a yr, the Iron Bowl. #
  • RT @BCSKnowHow Projected #BCS 1. Oregon 2. Auburn 3. TCU 4. Boise St. 5. LSU 6. Nebraska 7. Wisconsin 8. Stanford: #
  • RT @TheRealPSJ @WarBlogle FSN show during USC halftime introducing Auburn highlights: “Newton looking to put the allegations behind him” #
  • Snap. RT @craigjames32 He’s still lookin 4 sec style pt wins RT @BrobinAU: Make sure you ask Jesse Palmer if he thinks LSU is overrated now #
  • Holtz has lost it. Just said Mark Ingram had a great performance against Auburn last year. And who does Kelly Moore play for? #espn #
  • RT @JHokanson “They don’t give the Heisman after eight games.” – Lou Holtz after week 10 of the regular season. #loveyoulou #
  • 10-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #wareagle #bedtimepoetry

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