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Terry Henley: Auburn Legend, Hater of the ‘Blogle

Will and Reed Lochamy, who I once mistakenly referred to as the “Bammer Brothers” (they’re actually HUGE Tulane fans), host Oh Brother Radio (where you may have heard me speak last week), as well as the Iron Bowl Hour, a television show that takes a look at both sides of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry in a usually humorous manner.

The show, which broadcasts at various times on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings during football season, alternates each week with a guest from each side of the rivalry. During week one, they had Barrett Trotter, week two was Roger Schultz, and this past week was Auburn running back legend Terry Henley.

In Henley’s interview, which begins around the 12:40 mark (but don’t skip ahead because there is a an awesome/hilarious segment with Auburn’s stadium announcer, Ric Smith, before that), the Lochamy brothers ask Terry about Gene Chizik and poke fun at the fact that he won’t be at Auburn next year. Terry goes on to say he “can’t stand” bloggers, while the brothers mention me. So in a sense, Terry Henley was saying he hated me. Sad face. Just watch.

To be fair, he was really saying he can’t stand the bloggers that are calling for Chizik’s head after (at that point) two games, but that wouldn’t make for an interesting headline. Since I’m not one of those, I know he wasn’t talking about me. That’s good, because I didn’t want to beat the #2 out of him. Kidding, Terry. Totally kidding.

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War Eagle Girl 09/18/2012 at 11:05 am

HOW have I missed this before?! They are great!! Thanks for sharing!


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