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Kody Bliss Punts A Football From Atop Vulcan

Will and Reed Lochamy are brothers. They are brothers from Birmingham. From what I’ve gathered, they are Bammer brothers from Birmingham. (I stand corrected. According to someone in the know “Will is an Auburn fan. Reed doesn’t really care, I don’t think.”)

Among other media-type things, they host a new web-based show called The Iron Bowl Hour. It can be best be described as a tongue in cheek, Colbert Report-ish look at anything to do with Auburn and Alabama sports. The show is only three episodes old, but it’s very well done and very funny.

In the first episode, they interviewed Finebaum (who should have asked the Lochamies to refrain from recording in HD). In the second episode, they interviewed former Auburn punter, Kody Bliss. The interview was especially funny and included a clip of Bliss punting the ball from atop Vulcan. The ball was caught by one of the brothers (Will, I think), whose arms somehow remained attached to his body. When I asked Kody about that, he said “he mentioned that his hands hurt for a couple days.”

Here is that video:

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