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Ranking the SEC (after Week 13)

Who besides me realized that I didn’t post any rankings last week? I’m blaming it on pre-Thanksgiving turkey and dressing haze. That, and it was a short week and the Iron Bowl was coming up, and… I just forgot, ok?! Anyway, here are my rankings leading in to the SEC Championship Game.

1. LSU – A little scare from Arkansas turned out to be nothing. Les Miles is due for a stupid loss, but haven’t we been saying that for 4 or 5 years now?

2. Alabama – Second best team in the SEC? Sure. Second best team in the nation? Probably. Already had their shot and shouldn’t be given another because we already know that LSU is better than them? Definitely.

3. Arkansas – The Razorbacks may be a spot or two higher than normal this year, but here they are again as the team that’s just good enough to beat somebody, but not good enough to beat everybody.

4. South Carolina – Right now, regardless of having one more SEC loss, I think the Gamecocks would beat Georgia again, even with a different quarterback. Especially if the Georgia that struggled with Kentucky and the South Carolina that drummed Clemson showed up.

5. Georgia – The worst and least deserving SEC divisional champion of all time. And that’s the truth. I know I sound like a sore loser, but they really are! Yeah-huh!

6. Auburn – You may laugh, but look who’s below our beloved Tigers. Bottom line is the the SEC is down. Tell LSU and Alabama fans that. They love to hear it.

7. Florida – Besides Ole Miss, I could see any one of these next teams beating each other on any given Saturday. Florida can not wait to get to next year, but will it really matter?

8. Mississippi State – Dan Mullen is apparently wanted by another school (Penn State). I guess beating Ole Miss is just that impressive.

9. Vanderbilt – The Commodores may actually be pretty decent if James Franklin isn’t lured away in the coming years, but for right now they are still Vanderbilt.

10. Kentucky – I know Tennessee is bad, but I have no idea how they the Wildcats beat them last week. It had to have been those terrible uniforms scaring the Volunteers into submission.

11. Tennessee – What happens when you brag about beating Vanderbilt? You lose to Kentucky.

12. Ole Miss – They gave up a long time ago.

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Cranford 11/29/2011 at 5:48 pm

Georgia fan here, not trolling, I actually enjoy parts of the blog and follow a couple in the SEC. I’d never come on here and talk smack after a win or anything like that and apologize for the fans that do.

I will say that UGA is obviously not the caliber of LSU/Bama at this point. I do think we’re a much improved team from the team that play SC in September. Our defense is fully up and running w/ two key injury returns from early in the season.

As far as the UK struggle, and the Vandy struggle for that matter obviously they weren’t good, but every SEC team goes through those types of games. Sometimes you just have to survive. Our schedule certainly wasn’t daunting, but we did what was in front of us, therefore I think we should get a crack in the Dome. Not sure about the weakest division winner ever… some of the Western opponents and Tennessee in 07 (even though we didn’t beat them that year either) may give a good run for that one.

While other folks will look down on our season, I’ll take the last 10 games as a point of pride and a necessary step to getting back where we need to be. Get it done for the SEC in bowl season Tigers and see you guys on the Plains next year.

Brandon 11/29/2011 at 10:03 pm

I don’t think there’s any question that Georgia is a good team this year. I’m sure everyone would be looking at Georgia MUCH differently if they had played Boise and USCe at mid-season rather than at the beginning.

Having said that, I think what everyone wants to know is, “How good are they really?” In defense of the average fan, I think its a completely fair assessment to look at that schedule and question their accomplishments. That is by far the easiest possible SEC schedule, and maybe the easiest SEC schedule I’ve seen from any team this decade. Just sayin’

The bottom line is…it doesn’t really matter. Next week, UGA finally gets the opportunity to see how they match up against an elite team. Not talking smack or trying to take anything away from Georgia, but I think ya’ll have been dealt a cruel fate. To my eyes, LSU is a team of destiny…I know it sounds corny, but I saw it in our squad last year, along w/ UF in 08. Anyways, I’m hoping Saturday gives us a great game.

Cranford 11/29/2011 at 10:09 pm

I agree w/ you about the destiny feeling. Live w/ 3 Auburn guys currently and watched all their games. It was like watching the game wondering how Auburn was going to win, because you knew they were. Even in the UGA game last year when I saw the onside kick, or Cam running down the sidelines in the 4th, deep down you knew things weren’t going to end well.

I think we match up OK w/ LSU. Just cant turn the ball over obviously. I think 10-12 is a good spread. Hopefully its not a backdoor score that leads to us getting that close. It will also be interesting to see LSUs offense against a good defense since we know their D is so solid.


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